School, Government-Regions summit: single-seater desks are on the way. But there is no agreement on transport

A new summit between the government and the regions took place on the reopening of the school in September. The main transport hub was discussed above all. And the agreement was not found. The governors, led by the president of the Conference of the Regions Stefano Bonaccini, were clear: either we reach an agreement “by … Read more

Back in the classroom, Azzolina: “2.5 mln of single-seater benches required. Cloying controversy, let us work”

The Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, spoke at La 7 on the “In Onda” broadcast to talk about school news in view of the reopening in September. On single desks, the minister says: “Schools are open, efforts are being made to ensure spacing. The last generation desks are used for secondary, first and second grade … Read more