Actress of “Forgive Our Sins” announces her second pregnancy with powerful message

A news that made her followers happy was the one announced by the actress Soledad Cruz (36 years old), remembered for her role as “Mechita” in Forgive Our Sins, Mega’s successful nighttime television series. Soledad revealed that she is pregnant for the second time, and that this time she is expecting a girl, news that … Read more

Sins and Temptations in the Works of Hieronymus Boss – A New Digital Art Exhibition Opened in Riga

Multimedia Arts Center »Digital Art House“A new multimedia art exhibition will be on view from September 12. This time it will study the works of the famous Dutchman Hieronymus Boss, especially highlighting the famous triptych” The Garden of World Pleasures “. Secret Signs “. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The decision to open … Read more

The Seven Deadly Sins season 4 censorship, Nanatsu no Taizai season 5: know here the 2021 release date, trailer, anime characters | 7 deadly sins | Bolivia El Salvador Peru

After finishing the story Wrath of the Gods or translated into Spanish as The Imperial Wrath of the Gods, Nanastu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) is about to show the world its fifth season on the small screen, although it is known that it is officially the fourth installment. The new installment of Seven … Read more

Marques Mendes: Novo Banco committed two deadly sins – Politics

HISTORY OF GDP The fall in GDP in the second quarter (about 16%) is brutal but not surprising. After all, the country was practically “stopped” during April and May. Even so, there are countries even worse than us – Spain, France, Italy or the USA. In any case it’s a big bump. The Minister of … Read more

Biden wants to erase these 7 Trump sins

Getty Images 1/20 Briskly pushes through his ideas: US President Donald Trump. AFP 2/20 Only a part of the announced wall on the Mexican border is still standing. AFP 3/20 Trump supporters encourage the president to build the wall. image 19/20 “Trumpcare makes us sick”: Protesters fight for a health insurance for all Americans. image … Read more

Mega removes screen Forgive Our Sins almost four months after its re-release | TV and Show

Mega made the decision to remove the replay from Forgive Our Sins (PNP), reissued last March 30. The TV series starring Álvaro Rudolphy was going to replace 100 days to fall in love, the one that had exhausted its battery of recorded chapters and that as a result of the pandemic could not resume production. … Read more