Windows 10X has a special function to run certain applications – Sistemas en MundoInsider

Windows 10X it has a special function to run certain applications. Windows 10X, as we have already been telling you here, will be a modular and lighter version of Windows 10 and Windows Core OS. This could be released for manufacturers or at least reach RTM status in December. However, something also known about this … Read more

The round icons of Windows 10 arrive at Microsoft Edge – Sistemas en MundoInsider

Microsoft continues to slowly push forward its new icon design for its applications on all platforms. Instead of icons with a square design and sharp edges as before, Windows 10 moves to a more rounded shape. Windows 10 round icons come to Microsoft Edge. Microsoft maintains that these rounded corners will be more visually appealing … Read more

Xbox cloud games reach more countries this month in Project xCloud Preview – Sistemas en MundoInsider

Microsoft’s new Xbox cloud gaming service gets another boost. Xbox cloud gaming is coming to more countries this month in Project xCloud Preview. These new regions will be supported starting November 18. Owners of Android smartphones will now be able to use the service in Australia, Brazil, Japan and Mexico. They will be able to … Read more

Microsoft shows Surface Duo in its different modes – Sistemas en MundoInsider

As always happens when an evolution arises in the technological world, in terms of the form factor in this case, Surface Duo Is not perfect. However, it offers certain advantages over its competition (Samsung Galaxy Fold) and is also believed to be more durable. Surface Duo was introduced last year and the device is now … Read more

Microsoft Office applications update on iPad with trackpad support and more – Sistemas en MundoInsider

More than six months after its official announcement, Microsoft finally rolls out the most anticipated update for some users. Microsoft Office apps update on iPad with trackpad support and more. This means that Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in iPad they now behave in a slightly more similar way to how they do on Windows and … Read more

The Clipboard in the Windows 10 cloud will receive a new update – Sistemas en MundoInsider

A leak seems to confirm that the Windows 10 Cloud Clipboard will receive a new update. A new feature in the next Windows 10 update could help us access our Windows 10 cloud clipboard from anywhere as long as we have an Android phone. The Redmond people are working on this new feature. It will … Read more