[Drama ‘Menstrual Uncle and His Daughter’]Hanashi of ‘Sono Musume’ played by U25 hot young actress Uesaka Juri | smart Web / Men’s fashion magazine ‘smart’ official site | Takarajimasha

Women’s physiology has been viewed as a taboo as a delicate part. However, in recent years, as the number of celebrities and influencers who face this theme through media and SNS has increased, it has become “something that everyone should know and understand” regardless of gender or age. Entertainment works are also increasing. The drama … Read more

DPReview – the best camera and lens review site out there

It has been announced that one of the largest and most trusted sources of photo information on the web is shutting down. Amazon-owned DPReview will close its digital doors very soon (April 10). DPReview has been operating since 1998, during which time an incredible amount of data has been accumulated about digital photography tools – … Read more

Metro 3 bogged down under the Palais du Midi: a construction site condemned to progress and an additional cost to be assumed by the Brussels government

“There will be an additional cost”, does not hide Elke Van den Brandt (Groen). And if it is not yet defined, the certainty is that it will have to be supported by the Brussels government. This Tuesday in the Brussels Parliament, the regional Minister for Mobility answered numerous questions from regional deputies about the complications … Read more

Possible landing site of Artemis 3 captured in stunning view from Lunar Orbiter – My Gardening Blog

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter captured a stunning image of a potential landing site for Artemis 3. Artemis 3 is the future NASA mission to bring humans to the lunar surface. One of the possible landing sites that NASA has narrowed down is the Malapert Massif region. The region of the Malapert massif is near the … Read more

“Terrible Hybrid Treatment”… Queen Dong-joo, tears while confessing to mixed race discrimination (Attack’s Sisters)

SNS star ‘Queen Dong-ju’ Han Dong-joo, who boasts over 1 million views in ‘Attack Sisters-Worrying Cut Salon’, scrambled.On the 21st, ‘Attack on Sisters (Co-produced by Media S and SK Broadband)’, SNS star Han Dong-joo showed off a colorful and powerful dance and heated up the atmosphere in the salon. Han Dong-joo, who showed off his … Read more

‘Woongnam’ Park Seong-gwang “With Kang Joo-eun, the filming with Choi Min-soo can proceed smoothly” [인터뷰M]

I met Park Seong-gwang, who challenged himself as a commercial film director for the first time with the film ‘Woongnam’, a film with a novel setting about twin bears who became human after eating mugwort and garlic for 100 days based on the Dangun myth. Park Seong-gwang, who achieved success as a comedian, majored in … Read more

Impressive construction site tonight: part of the 60m footbridge placed above the tracks at the Gare d’Ans

Infrabel, via its subsidiary Tuc Rail, which specializes in railway engineering work, undertook an important phase last night as part of the large-scale project to install a 60 m footbridge above the tracks of the station of Years. In May 2022, the rail infrastructure manager began work on this footbridge intended to serve the various … Read more

Index – Culture – For now, no office building is being built on the site of the monument, the government office has stopped the demolition

The Government Office in the capital stopped the XIII. the demolition of the central building of the once European-famous Modiano cigarette paper and sleeve manufacturing paper factory. The announcement published on March 10 states that Váci út 48/E–F. started to demolish the property under “unprofessional and unauthorized construction activities”, so the construction supervision authorities prohibited … Read more

Namur: a construction site for the multimodal development of the N4 between Jambes and Erpent from March 20

This March 20 will start a project aimed at redeveloping the portion of the national 4 between Jambes and Erpent, that is the avenue de Luxembourg and the chaussée de Marche. This project is part of the mobility policies deployed by the City of Namur and the Region. It will aim to perpetuate, renovate and … Read more

Successful launch of 40 Space X and OneWeb communication satellites Completion of the first generation network is near | sorae Portal site to space

On March 9th local time, SpaceX successfully launched 40 communications satellites (hereinafter “OneWeb satellites”) of the US communications company “OneWeb”. OneWeb is proceeding with the construction of a communication satellite constellation, and it is expected that the “first generation network” will be completed with one remaining launch. [▲ Falcon 9 rocket launched from Space Force … Read more