Extraordinary Sightings of NASA’s Rover Landing Site on Mars

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta –Helicopter US space agency Ingenuity Mars, NASA will make its maiden flight on the Red Planet on Sunday, April 11, 2021. Read:Design of the State Palace for the New Capital, ITB Professor: Not quite right The helicopter was scheduled to take off at midnight on April 11. It will be the first controlled … Read more

A celebration of life .. Bocelli presents an unprecedented party at the Al-Hajar historical site in Saudi Arabia

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The famous Italian opera singer, Andrea Bocelli, on Thursday evening, revived an unprecedented concert at the historic Al-Hajar site in the Al-Ula province, Saudi Arabia. Bocelli greets the ceremony opposite the Al-Khuraymat Mountain at the Al-Hajar archaeological site, and the Al-Khuraymat Mountain contains 20 tombs that archaeologists prepare are … Read more

Reggio Calabria, irregular asbestos disposal site discovered: the owner reported

April 9, 2021 8:36 pm Reggio Calabria, the owner of an Eternit disposal company has been referred to the judicial authority The owner of an Eternit disposal company has been referred to the judicial authority for failing to take precautions and using irregular workers. Following a check on a construction site, the agents of the … Read more

Microsoft would have denied the theft of data from 500 million Linkedin accounts ensuring that there was no data breach involving the site

A few days ago, data allegedly belonging 500 million users of Microsoft’s professional social network LinkedIn have been listed on a hacker forum. If the seller claims that these data are indeed from the site’s database, and even disclosed 2 million records as a sample of proof of authenticity, Microsoft denied the facts on Thursday. … Read more

Al-Manar Sports Site »Italy allows fans to attend the Roma stadium during the Euro

The Italian Football Federation announced that the Italian government decided to allow public attendance at the Olympic Stadium in Rome during the European Nations Championship this summer.“Roberto Speranza, the Minister of Health, told us that the government’s health advisers will discuss the best ways to allow the masses to attend matches at the Olympic Stadium … Read more

Al-Manar Sports Site »The latest development of the racially insulted Diakabe incident

Valencia, on Monday, showed its support for French defender Mokhtar Diakaby during the training session, after the racist insult he was subjected to on Sunday during a match in the local football league against Cadiz. The Valencia players left the pitch nearly half an hour after the start of the match against their Andalusian host … Read more

Did your data leak from Facebook? The site allows people to find out if they are among the half a billion victims Average

PALO ALTO (USA) Over the weekend, it emerged that more than half a billion people had leaked some sensitive data from Facebook profiles. If a person has a profile on this social network, with this number there is up to a 20 percent chance that it was just him. But now a tool has emerged … Read more

Al-Manar Sports Site »Nice continues its revival, deepens Nantes’ wounds

Nice continued his awakening and the depth of the wounds of Nantes by beating him 2-1 at home on Sunday in the 31st round of the French League. Nice, who had achieved a remarkable 3-0 victory over Marseille in the previous round, raised its tally to 42 points and rose to tenth place, while Nantes … Read more

Al-Manar Sports Site »Ronaldo and Lukaku continue to fight for the top scorer title

The competition between Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo and Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku continues to be the top scorer in the Italian football league.Ronaldo scored a goal in the match in which Juventus stumbled in a 2-2 draw with his neighbor Turin, to raise the number of his goals to 24, in the top scorer … Read more

Al-Manar Sports Site »Salah enters the list of the five distinguished people in the history of the English Premier League

Liverpool’s top scorer, Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, continued to record his name in golden letters in the Premier League football competition. Salah scored a goal during Liverpool’s victory over Arsenal (3-0) on Saturday, in the 30th round of the Premier League, to overtake France and the former Arsenal club, Thierry Henry, in the list of … Read more