Bogotá: The expensive color change of SITP buses – Bogotá

In a courtyard in the southwest of Bogotá, there have been 371 new buses of the Integrated Public Transport System (SITP) for several months. These are electric vehicles that have not come into operation and that, at the request of the Mayor’s Office, must be painted green. (It may interest you: Javier Ordóñez’s partner breaks … Read more

Bogota | Injured mother pursues the thief who robbed her and her daughter in SITP – Bogotá

With an injured hand, a 32-year-old woman chased the thief who had injured her in the middle of a robbery of her and her nine-year-old daughter. According to the victim’s family, the two women were the only passengers on a Provisional SITP bus that was moving through the streets of the town of Tunjuelito. However, … Read more