He was caught raping the dog! Villagers react: ‘I want this person to be punished’

The incident took place in Hacıyusuf Village of the district on 17 August. Shepherd in the village Hakan Gokturk (42) led the sheep herd to the plateau. However, his dog disappeared soon after. Hakan Göktürk, thinking that his dog left to find food, was one of the villagers in the same area. Murat Kocer and … Read more

The horrors of ex-lovers in Sivas! 4 people from the same family died

The incident occurred on the first floor of the 11-storey apartment building on the Martyr İsmail Şirin Caddesi in the Yüceyurt District around 22.00. Allegedly, Dursun D., who was the daughter of the Kandur family and who was in the divorce phase of her husband, had an emotional relationship on the phone for a while. … Read more