Candles are burning at the skatepark. Friends remember the little girl who died here

There was a gloomy atmosphere everywhere, and at other times the cheerful skaters had tears in their eyes. “I’ve known her for about four years,” one of them said. “It’s really awful.” The mayor of Ostrov after the tragedy: The city has done its utmost for the safety of the skate park Read the article … Read more

A minor girl burned down in a skatepark in Ostrov in Karlovy Vary

“I can confirm that there was a fire in the skatepark in Ostrov, in which a minor girl died,” said Jakub KopÅ™iva, a spokesman for the Karlovy Vary regional police. “The exact causes and circumstances of this tragic event are under investigation by criminal investigators,” he continued, adding that due to age, the police would … Read more