Imilla Skate: women mix skating and the culture of the “cholitas” of Bolivia | Video

Imilla Skate is the proposal of a group that mixes the «cholita» culture of Bolivia with skating. Its aim is to empower women and vindicate traditions. In an interview with Guillermo Arduino, Daniela Santiváñez and Brenda Tinta, members of Imilla Skate, they tell more about their initiative.

Akatieva, with mistakes, performed a quadruple toe loop and triple axel in a free program at the Moscow championship – Figure skating

Figure skater Sofya Akatieva, with a mistake, performed a quadruple toe loop in a free program at the Moscow championship. On landing, she touched the ice with her hand. In addition, the athlete made a triple axel (with a mistake on landing), on which the judges recorded an under-rotation, a triple flip, cascades of a … Read more

Circuit Zandvoort appears to be a unique location for NK inline skating: ‘Really very cool’ | Other sports

By Natasja WeberSlight desperation in the pit box shortly before the start of the marathon during the Daikin NK inline skating in Zandvoort. A huge downpour has flooded the asphalt of the Formula 1 circuit. In the pit box – which serves as a refined dressing room – many marathon riders have doubts. Should I … Read more

Test skates of the Russian junior figure skating team

On the second day of the open skates of singles in Novogorsk, the guys had more freedom. The skaters were not squeezed by rigid jumping regulations, and they could safely do quads. But all the same, many programs were similar to each other. This time because of the music, three of the four singles skated … Read more

Koen Verweij and Jutta Leerdam on their own two feet | Ice skating

Koen Verweij and Jutta Leerdam make their mark. Ⓒ ANKO STOFFELS AMSTERDAM – Their own skating team. Finally, Koen Verweij agreed in all fairness around noon on Friday, when he and his girlfriend, world champion Jutta Leerdam, set up their team NXTGEN. had disclosed. “This setting is the best I have ever skated in. And … Read more