Swimming skeleton discovered in Brabant | Inland

In Het Groene Woud (between Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Tilburg) there are still original loam forests. The Eubranchipus grubii or the orange-blue swimming skeleton, a rare gill-leg lobster, has now been found in two sub-areas. Large gill-leg crabs live in reclaimed pools and ditches and can only be found temporarily. Sometimes they cannot be seen … Read more

Medical history: Columbus did not introduce syphilis

The Syphilis and their sister diseases may have been widespread in Europe earlier than previously thought. This is the conclusion reached by researchers at the University of Zurich. The thesis that Christopher Columbus and his passengers brought syphilis from America to Europe in 1493 is no longer sufficient, according to a study by researchers led … Read more

The new and unexpected occupation of Marcelo Tinelli in Esquel

People are capable of doing anything for a child, and this was demonstrated Marcelo Tinelli, which landed in a new and unexpected occupation in the midst of the quarantine that is taking place in Esquel together with his family, in order to entertain his smallest descendant, Lolo, who turned 6 on April 18. Guillermina Vald├ęs, … Read more

Tinelli, the controversial valijero: a suitcase was sent to Esquel and the scandal broke

Tinelli, on his arrival in Esquel, next to the blue RAM truck in which yesterday a man went to remove the controversial suitcase / web Marcelo Tinelli is not making those who defend him look good: after taking advantage of his connection with the Government to travel, just two hours before the quarantine for the … Read more

Google | Tutorial | how to activate the human skeleton in 3D from your cell phone | How to active skeleton human body in smartphone | Augmented reality | Download | Download | Applications | AR | Apps | NNDA | NNRT Data

Updated on 04/01/2020 at 23:05 One of the most creative things to learn in quarantine and enjoy with your family. If you are already locked that everyone is taking photos with the more than 20 animals that you can activate using GoogleWell, now you have the opportunity to surprise more than one with a large-scale … Read more