Take-Two CEO is “very skeptical” that subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass are the future

It seems that the company that owns Rockstar and 2K, Take-Two, doesn’t have much faith in subscription services like Xbox Game Pass, at least that’s what Strauss Zelnick, its CEO, suggests. Speaking during Take-Two’s financial update, Strauss Zelnick reiterated that it is “very skeptical that subscriptions are the only way or the main way that … Read more

WHO Still Skeptical: Says Will Wait For More Airborne Evidence Of Coronavirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) published on Thursday new guidelines on coronavirus transmission recognizing some reports of airborne infections of the virus that causes the Covid-19, although it did not confirm that it spreads through the air. In your latest streaming guide, released Thursday, WHO acknowledged that some reports of outbreaks related to crowded indoor … Read more

LIVE READINGS – Osimhen: “Skeptical about racism in Italy, but Naples is not like that! How much love …”, Giuntoli: “I’ve been following him for 4 years!”, Rrahmani: “I didn’t expect it …”

15.37 – The press conference ends Osimhen, have they told you about the rivalry with Juventus and that with a goal you enter the hearts of the fans? “Yes, they told me, then I received many messages from the fans and I like to reply. They go crazy, I’m going to help my team and … Read more

Coronavirus, Zangrillo’s skeptical cartoon that unleashes the web

A figure with the appearance of death who announces to a flock of sheep (complete with megaphones), how “terrible” is the news of the death “in Italy” of “4 people per covid” in one day. To answer a man who waves a sheet with a higher number (1,121) and the sentence: «Yesterday in Italy also … Read more

Republicans are also skeptical: US troop withdrawal could still fail

US President Trump wants to pull thousands of soldiers out of Germany. Details of the plan are now to follow, which could hit German regions hard. But there are also doubts – not only in the opposing camp. The German transatlantic coordinator Beyer therefore hopes that the project will burst. The US government plans to … Read more