COVID-19 skeptics in London protest against health restrictions

Skeptics of COVID-19 in London protest against health restrictions. Thousands of protesters In the United Kingdom, they are those who are against social distancing measures, as well as the use of face masks and the possibility that the government of England passes a mandatory vaccination campaign and launches tracking and registration systems. Protestants, mostly skeptical … Read more

COVID-19 skeptics protest in London against restrictions

Europe 12:37 GMT 24.10.2020Short url Sputnik Mundo Sputnik The protesters, mostly skeptical of COVID-19, conspiracy theorists and anti-vaccines, march from Hyde Park to central London protesting against restriction measures related to the pandemic. Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was fined 10,000 pounds ($ 13,000) in … Read more

Skeptics frustrate doctors fighting coronavirus

Treating the sick and dying is not the worst thing for Nurse Amelia Montgomery. Even more demoralizing is dealing with patients and family members who do not believe the coronavirus is real, refuse to wear chinstraps and demand treatments with things like hydroxychloroquine, which Donald Trump promotes despite experts saying that it does not work … Read more

The “Wolverine Watchers”, the militia of coronavirus skeptics that planned to kidnap a US governor.

Drafting BBC World News 4 hours Image source, Getty Images Caption, Whitmer took serious steps to curb the coronavirus in Michigan. A group of armed men create a militia, meet in secret and plan to kidnap a governor and start a civil war … It sounds like a plot from a third-rate action movie, but … Read more

Doping: Grigory Rodchenkov’s shock autobiography raises skeptics

Rodchenkov rose to fame for unveiling the institutionalized doping system of Russian athletes during the Sochi Olympics after taking refuge in the United States in 2015. He then described his role in the documentary Icarus in 2017. Christiane Ayotte, who heads the AMA laboratory in Montreal, knows the 61-year-old chemist very well with whom she … Read more