Blow by blow, verse by verse: from Duhalde’s skidding to Dolina’s clarity

Protected by the impunity granted by his 78 years, former President Eduardo Duhalde put all the barriers of political correctness in place, crossed the shoulder of prudence and ended up skidding in the grass of scandal. On open television and in central time, he predicted a coup with the same calm that the meteorologist of … Read more

Postponed the release of Tenet, Nolan’s latest creation – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, JULY 20 – The release of Tenet, the long-awaited film by Chistopher Nolan, has been postponed again. Warner Bros – Variety reports – has removed from the list of upcoming releases the film that should have initially been released on July 17th, but which was then postponed to August 12th. The … Read more