The role of a tourist by accident. A well-known female athlete also appeared in the Last Race

The film The Last Race was filmed in extreme mountain conditions. The actors had to learn to ride wooden skis and completed a training course. Director Tomáš Hodan warned the actors in advance that they would be wading through the snow in shirts and old skis at minus twenty degrees for three weeks straight. Why … Read more

Gwyneth Paltrow appeared in court. She should have injured another skier on the slope and left without saying a word

The hearing began at a court in Park City, Utah on March 21. The actress claims that the incident happened completely differently. She claims that the man bumped into her instead. That’s why she also filed a lawsuit against him. She demands from him compensation in the amount of one dollar (about 22 CZK) and … Read more

Skier overwhelmed by an avalanche with the camera on, a breathless video

Check the avalanche bulletins carefully! This is perhaps the recommendation that the Alpine Rescue (and us too) most frequently has found itself addressing to winter sports enthusiasts in recent months. Become aware of the expected degree of danger, before putting on your boots and/or skis, can make the difference between enjoying a day to remember … Read more

Tragedy in the snow. A skiing champion died in an avalanche

2015 U.S. World Skiing Champion Kyle Smaine died in an avalanche in Japan on Sunday. The death of the thirty-one-year-old former U-ramp champion was reported by the American national team of acrobatic skiers on social networks. Smaine was with friends on a backcountry trip near the Cugaike Ski Resort in Nagano Prefecture. According to the … Read more

The cruel collapse of the Swedish skier. Let me puke, she pleaded at the finish line

After finishing in eighteenth place in a race with a mass start, she lay totally exhausted in the finish line for a long time. “I felt terrible,” the 24-year-old competitor explained with distance in an interview for SVT television. The efforts of the organizers for help made it even more difficult for her. “They wanted … Read more

Mountain skier Zejnieks ranks 46th in slalom at the World Cup stage in Austria / Article

Austrian Manuel Fellers was the fastest in the first run, from whom Zvejnieks was 3.98 seconds behind. But 1.55 seconds separated the Latvian alpine skier from the top thirty who qualified for the second run. Swiss Daniel Jule won the stage in the sum of two races in Kitzbühel. The fisherman entered the TOP50 for … Read more

From a rough fall, there was a life race. An Italian skier experienced an incredible drama

The twenty-seven-year-old competitor started with number 58 and went into the second round from the twenty-sixth place with great vigor. His ride went well until the last goal, but at the very end he lost his balance and fell into the goal gate and lost his ski. His crossing of the finish line had to … Read more

Shiffrin becomes PK’s all-time most titled alpine skier in the women’s competition

Michael Shifrina | Photo: Getty Images American athlete Mikaela Shiffrin became the most victorious women’s alpine skier in the World Cup on Tuesday. The 27-year-old American won the World Cup giant slalom in Italy on Tuesday and celebrated her 83rd career victory, one more than her compatriot Lindsey Vonn. The absolute record holder, the legendary … Read more

Skier Eiduka finishes in 19th place in the penultimate race in the “Tour de Ski” series / Article

(supplemented with overall rating)German skier Katarina Henning was the first to finish, leaving Sweden’s Frida Carlsson in second place by 0.7 seconds. The third was another 0.1 seconds slower Finnish Kertu Niskanen. 58.9 seconds separated Eiduku from the winner at the finish. In the first half of the distance, Eiduka skied closer to the end … Read more