Prima introduced the technical possibilities of (non) skipping ads, launches the “Don’t Rewind” campaign

Prima campaign does not rewind–Source: FTV Prima Today, Prima TV presented a campaign called Don’t Scratch. From June 1, new rules should apply for Internet TV operators, which have already been accepted by everyone, including O2 TV. Today, Prima also demonstrated to journalists some technical solutions that operators can use (they have to develop them … Read more

Netflix: Households are skipping pleasure subscriptions because of inflation, a threat to Netflix

(BFM Bourse) – British households are increasingly giving up their subscriptions to streaming and video-on-demand platforms, faced with the rising cost of living. With 6% inflation posted in the UK in the first quarter, spending on pleasure is being sacrificed on the altar of declining purchasing power. This phenomenon of unsubscription for budgetary reasons could … Read more

Dentist not popular since 2020, more and more children are skipping control

The group of children who have not visited the dentist for a check-up has grown in corona year 2020. This was researched by knowledge center Vektis on behalf of Pharos. The latter expertise center in the field of health warns of the consequences. If children are not treated for cavities, it can later lead to … Read more

UPDATE Regarding Persipura Sanctions After ‘skipping’ from the Match Vs Madura United, PT LIB Revealed These Facts

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – The absence of Persipura Jayapura during the match against Madura United on February 21, 2022, now has a long tail. The duel was the postponed match of the 22nd week of Liga 1 Persipura Jayapura against Madura United which was supposed to take place February 1, 2022. However, at that time the match … Read more

Operators were given three extra months. Prima postponed the ban on skipping ads until June –

A small media battle between FTV Prima and O2 TV recently rekindled the debate over the ban on skipping commercials from viewing back from the IPTV archives. Prima gave the operators an ultimatum and agreed with them that there would be high fees for the possibility of skipping advertising, or that this television must be … Read more

Scary development when you say Kovid-19 will end just right! Gene variant discovered that increases the risk of heavy skipping

The spokesperson of Bialystok University stated that since the beginning of the epidemic, they have been trying to understand why some people, even at the same age, do not show symptoms, while others struggle to survive, “Through this research, we are closer to understanding this phenomenon even more.” said.

Careful! Skipping Breakfast Can Risk Heart Disease, JOGJA-Many people often neglect breakfast for various reasons. In fact, people who skip breakfast have a 32 percent higher risk of dying from all diseases. An analysis of nearly 200,000 adults over the age of 40 found that those who skip breakfast tend to have poorer health. One of them, heart attacks are very … Read more

Lucid company exceeds Ford and is close to skipping General Motors!

Market value exceeded Lucid GroupFord Motor Company, Inc., on Tuesday, reaching $89.9 billion after a 24% increase in the share price, after the company’s executive management revealed a significant jump in bookings for its first cars, and production plans for 2022 are still on the right track. . After overtaking Ford, Lucid is close to … Read more

Tim Cook suggests that users who want to install apps by skipping the App Store should switch to Android

Published: 11 nov 2021 00:14 GMT “From our point of view, allowing applications to bypass the App Store is like convincing car buyers not to put on ‘airbags’ or seat belts,” explained the Apple CEO. The executive director of Apple, Tim Cook, He suggested this Tuesday at the DealBook online summit that users who want … Read more