Buying new and used cars is now more difficult. This is due to a smaller selection and rising prices – ČT24 – Czech Television

For example, sales to normal for three large second-hand car dealerships in Prague returned to normal after the difficult spring months. In addition, they often surpass last year’s numbers. “We experienced a steeper fall at the beginning of the coronary crisis, so we monitor a faster restart in used vehicles immediately after the dismantling,” said … Read more

The government focuses only on rapeseed, sausages, chickens and donuts, unions complain in Škoda

The issue of the future direction of the Mladá Boleslav carmaker Škoda Auto is addressed by the Škoda trade unions in its weekly Škodovácký odborář. In August, a new Chairman of the Board of Directors is to be elected as the outgoing Bernhard Maier. The metaphorical text speculates whether the new head of the board … Read more