Viral Photos of Colored Sky Phenomenon After the Earthquake, This is a Scientific Explanation – On social media, photos are circulating showing the closed sky cloud and emitting rainbow colors, Saturday (10/4/2021). The narrative written by the uploader, this celestial phenomenon occurs after earthquake earth. The sky above me after the earthquake — ?????? (@Archangel_AE) April 10, 2021 Several other Twitter users also posted the same photo, … Read more

Creaking criminal messages Sky turns out to be gold mine: ‘Ali Baba’s cave has opened up’ Inland

It was called a “historic day”. In fact, a “milestone in the history of detective work”. A month after police detonated a bomb in the underworld with Operation Sky, those words don’t seem exaggerated. Reports are raining about gigantic cocaine seizures, arrests of corrupt accomplices and breakthroughs in investigations into liquidations that were, until recently, … Read more

Egypt – The Astronomical Society in Jeddah: The moon is joined to the planet Saturn in a scene that adorns the sky of the Arab world

(MENAFN – Youm7) Observing the sky of Egypt and the Arab world before sunrise this morning, Tuesday, April 6, 2021, the moon’s occurrence in conjunction with the planet Saturn, the jewel of the solar system, and they will be arranged in a celestial triangle with Jupiter in a phenomenon that is easily seen with the … Read more

Researchers Call a Meteor Exploding in the Antarctic Sky

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The research team discovered how meteor had fallen and exploded above the sky Antartika 430,000 years ago and rained down the land in the polar region with super hot gas spray and meteorite debris. The conclusion was obtained after they found a small debris in Antarctica that occurred as a result … Read more

Belgium intercepts nearly 30,000 kilos of cocaine by cracking crypto service Sky | Inland

Hacking the chat service Sky ECC has come as a bombshell in the criminal world. In order to stay out of the sight of the police and the judiciary, criminals are looking for ways to communicate with each other without the investigative services being able to watch and listen. Sky promised that and guaranteed its … Read more

The bright object in the sky last week turned out to be the Ruins of the SpaceX rocket that fell to Earth

Ruins of the SpaceX rocket appear to illuminate the skies of Vancouver, Washington, United States (US) on Thursday, March 25, 2021. These rocket debris caught fire as they entered Earth’s atmosphere. (Source: Roman Puzhlyakov via AP) EPHRATA, KOMPAS.TV – Part of the burned rocket wreckage that was seen gliding across the southwest Pacific skies last … Read more

VIDEO, PHOTO: A fireball lights up the sky in central Spain as it passes at about 72,000 kilometers per hour

Published: 3 abr 2021 03:36 GMT As it passed through the atmosphere, the rock from an asteroid turned incandescent and traveled about 40 miles to extinction. Several detectors of the Smart project of the Southwestern Europe Fireball and Meteor Network, known as the SWEMN network, for its acronym in English, recorded this Thursday at 23:05 … Read more

Remains of the SpaceX rocket found in Washington state after traversing the night sky

Part of a SpaceX rocket was discovered in Washington state last weekend, days after bright comet-like streaks lit up the night sky over the Pacific Northwest, a sheriff’s official said. The space company recovered the “composite-lined pressure vessel from the return of the Falcon 9 last week,” the Grant County Sheriff’s Office tweeted on Friday. … Read more

Sinner in the final at the ATP in Miami against Hurkacz: times and where to see on Sky

Jannik Sinner never ceases to amaze. In Miami the Italian beats Bautista Agut in three sets and wins, at the age of 19, his first final in a Masters 1000 (his third participation). Tomorrow, at 7 pm (live Sky Sport Arena and at the end of the MotoGP also on Sky Sport Uno), he will … Read more

The giant radio jellyfish has just risen from the dead in the night sky

Galaxy clusters are the largest structures in the universe that are related to one another gravity. It can contain thousands of galaxies, enormous oceans of hot gas, and invisible islands Dark matter And sometimes – a ghost shining from a jellyfish or two. In the Hungarian cluster Abel 2877, located in the southern sky about … Read more