Sky Airline wants distance from the agreement between Gol and Avianca, for now

SKY Airlines released a statement clarifying the company’s situation after the announcement of the creation of the holding Abra Group, which will include Avianca and GOLlast Wednesday (11), in what represented the most recent and strongest movement in the Latin American air market in recent years, writes the partner website Aviacionline. The Chilean ultra-low-cost airline … Read more

The moon obscures the southern star Zabbani in the sky of Saudi Arabia

The head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, Eng. Majed Abu Zahira, revealed that the sky of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world witnessed on Monday evening a rare phenomenon, as the moon moved in front of the planet Al-Zabbani, and temporarily obscured it in a phenomenon called occultation. He explained that following the event … Read more

Believed to be a bad omen, the sky in China is blood red

TEXAS – Residents in Zhoushan city, China , shocked by the sight of the sky turning red like blood. As reported by the Daily Star, the incident occurred at night when the sky turned orange-red with a thick layer of fog. READ ALSO – Similar in Palu, scary natural phenomenon ‘liquefaction’ rocked Ireland The red … Read more

What is this “space jellyfish” observed in the sky of the United States?

This is neither a meteorite nor a UFO, but a SpaceX Falcon9 launch highlighted by lucky timing. Last Thursday at dawn, the inhabitants of the American state of Georgia were treated to a rather curious spectacle; several observers observed a mysterious phenomenon in the sky. A bright object moved at high speed in the sky, … Read more

Video: a strange space jellyfish lit up the sky and generated intrigue

A great “space jellyfish” lit up the sky USA and generated mystery among the people who managed to see it. The effect was caused by the launch of cohete SpaceX Falcon 9 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and Twitter users shared the incredible images. In addition, there were those who made memes and … Read more

Horror! The Sky in Red China Lights Like Doomsday

Jakarta – In China there is a natural phenomenon that looks terrible. The sky in Zhejiang Province turned fiery red, like a scene of destruction in a science fiction movie. The local meteorological bureau of Zhoushan, a city in East China’s Zhejiang Province, announced on Sunday (8/5) local time that red sky flaming that appears … Read more

‘This is a crime against humanity!’ Faisal and his family’s behavior causes emotion, Doddy Sudrajat Nyesek sends a message to the Gala Sky Andriansyah

Sosok.ID – The party Doddy Sudrajatfeel wronged by the attitude of the Haji family Faisal who doesn’t allow them to meet Gala Sky Andriansyah. It is known, Faisal still doesn’t want to meet face to face with Doddy Sudrajat on the grounds that the conflict between them is still not over. But regardless of the … Read more

Video: A “space jellyfish” appeared in the sky. The phenomenon was caused by a rocket

The space jellyfish is a phenomenon that can occur when a cloud of gas from a rocket high above the Earth shines through the sun’s rays, while below the Earth it is dark. Why it is called a space jellyfish is evident from the video at the beginning of the article. The image with the … Read more

Mysterious “space jellyfish” lit up the Florida sky, what is it about? – Teach me about Science

The image you are viewing in the header of this note is a capture taken in the early hours of Thursday, May 5 by a camera in Waycross, Georgia and is currently circulating on social networks. The phenomenon captured in the southern United States seemed very enigmatic and can cause a great mystery in observers … Read more

Russia. “Day of Judgment” as seen in the sky. It’s a nuclear conflict plane | News from the world

As established by the British Daily Mail, plane “doomsday” was recently seen during a low flight over the suburbs Moscow. Journalists add that this may be an announcement that the unit will take part in the Victory Day parade, which will take place on May 9 in Red Square. Watch the video What will happen … Read more