Company defaults are skyrocketing around the world

According to the risk rating agency S&P Global Ratings, the figure already exceeds 118 suspensions of payments declared in the entire previous year. U.S ranks as the region with the highest number of companies defaulting on their debt obligations, with a total of 105 payment suspensions, compared to the 52 registered until August 2019 and … Read more

George Floyd, Crime | Crime is skyrocketing in New York City: – Who the hell wants to be a cop now?

Cops end up in droves and crime is exploding in New York City. It has been a month and a half since George Floyd’s death in police custody led to huge demonstrations and riots. One of the key demands from protesters has been to cut police budgets. The goal is to prevent situations such as … Read more

United Arab Emirates Mission Skyrocketing to Mars This Morning, Launching from Japan Page all – United Arab Emirates finally managed to slide into space this morning. Using Japanese H-IIA rockets, the unmanned probe, named “Al-Amal” in Arabic or “Hope”, slid from the Tanegashima Space Center located on a small island in southern Japan. The launch was carried out on Monday (7/20/2020) at 6.58 AM Japan time or 4.58 … Read more