Karel Peterka continues: Šlágr TV saved. And it will be without ads!

He has so far refused to comment on the information of the above-mentioned website that Radim Pařízek would like to enter television financially! “I don’t know that at all now, don’t be angry,” said Aha without further details Pařízek, who is in intensive contact with Karel Peterka these days. Boss Šlágr TV greatly appreciates the … Read more

Šlágr boss Karel Peterka: Return to broadcasting with …

Czech Radiocommunications last week turned off Peterkův Šlágr from terrestrial broadcasting, because television owes a lot of money for signal distribution. There is talk of several million crowns. During the weekend, however, media mogul Radim Pařízek (66) helped Peterek and started broadcasting Šlágr via his Multiplex 24. Peterka immediately took over the situation and prepared … Read more

Karel Peterka and switched off TV Šlágr: THE CRUEL FALL OF THE KING OF BRASS!

He allegedly has millions in debts for the distribution of his television signal to České Radiokomunikace. They ran out of patience and gave Šlágr a stop sign. In DVB-T multiplex 3 and also in DVB-T2 multiplexes 12/22 and 23, people will not tune it from last Thursday. He has remained on satellite and cable lines … Read more

Expected turnaround: Šlágr TV has returned to terrestrial broadcasting, it is being broadcast by DVB-T2 multiplex 24

The music and teleshopping station Šlágr TV is again available via terrestrial broadcasting. This program is now distributed in multiplex 24 and Regional Network 7 of the Digital Broadcasting company, which belongs to the Ostrava businessman Radim Pařízek. This happened after Czech Radiocommunications first excluded the Šlágr 2 station from terrestrial broadcasting a week ago, … Read more

The music station Šlágr TV ends. It didn’t have expensive DVB-T traffic, you can only tune it in paid broadcast

TV hit and Karel Peterka–Source: YouTube Šlágr TV ends in terrestrial broadcasting, České Radiokomunikace has switched off the broadcasting of this music channel in both DVB-T and DVB-T2. According to the operator, Šlágr can still tune in to satellite, cable and internet broadcasting. That is, mostly paid services. The Šlágr 2 stations “temporarily” switched off … Read more

Šlágr television ended in terrestrial broadcasting, it remains on satellite and in cable cars

On Thursday, August 27, 2020, Czech Radiocommunications terminated the distribution of the folk music station Šlágr. They turned off its signal in DVB-T multiplex 3 and also in DVB-T2 multiplexes 12/22 and 23. „The provision of services related to Šlágr TV broadcasting was suspended, in accordance with the applicable contractual arrangements and legal regulations, “the … Read more

Karel Peterka has a problem: Radiocommunications turned off Šlágr 2!

The channel is no longer available in DVB-T Regional Network 8 or DVB-T multiplexes 12, 22 and 23. It is only caught by those who pay for cable or satellite. “We will settle those commitments and everything will be fine, we don’t have it easy,” he told the daily Aha! the head of television, Karel … Read more