Jānis Slaidiņš: Ammunition factories in Europe have started working at full capacity

“There is always talk about how much and what kind of weapons the allies are giving to Ukraine to fight against the occupiers. Remind me, what about the production of armaments? Warehouses are not inexhaustible and military factories do not work continuously,” a viewer of TV24’s “Actual war in Ukraine” program asks NBS major, National … Read more

The Ukrainians are preparing for a counter-attack, “the Russians don’t sit and dig in one place either,” says Slaidinš

The United States on Thursday announced a new $325 million military aid package to Ukraine, which is expected to include artillery rounds and projectiles for the HIMARS high-mobility artillery missile systems. The package is also expected to include TOW anti-tank guided missiles, anti-tank mines and other means of combating enemy armored vehicles. Most read PHOTO. … Read more