To say that there was no “virtual slamming door” on Jeanine Añez, Bolivia clarified that Alberto Fernández snubbed several countries

One day after the Mercosur summit that took place on Thursday, and in which Alberto Fernández withdrew from it in rejection of the presence of the provisional president Jeanine Añez, the Bolivian Foreign Ministry issued a spicy statement entitled “Clarification.” The text warns that “there was no virtual door slam” to Añez by Alberto Fernández. … Read more

UEFA slamming the “Red” and South American teams: “Do not come and play while the pandemic continues”

Colombian coach Reinaldo Rueda will complete a year in a few weeks without directing a match for the Chilean National Team: on October 15 of last year the “Red” began its long and forced inactivity after winning 3-2 against Guinea in a friendly with few demands. The last frustration of the coach was the dismissal … Read more