“Operating without respect, slanted fairness”… A truck containing the anger of LCK fans appears in Rollpark

Mr. A and the truck, who acted as the arms of this truck protest (Photo = Reporter Seonwoo Yunho) “The LCK says it doesn’t know that there is no precedent for compensation for damages caused by unfair competition” In February, in the League of Legends competition between LCK Brion eSports and kt Rolster, a faction … Read more

Choice of Toyota Avanza 2012 used car prices, Veloz is very slanted gangs

Otoseken.id – Price options used car Toyota Advance 2012, the Veloz type is really tilted, gangs on the used car market (mobkas). Yep, choice used car prices Toyota Advance 2012 on the used car exchange (mobkas) already cheap. In the market, the Toyota Avanza is still the target of many people until now. The reason … Read more

Tantalizing, the price of a used Toyota Avanza 2006 at the beginning of December is very slanted

Otoseken.id – Attractive, price used car Toyota Advance 2006 at the beginning of December is really tilted, bestie. Yep, in the used car market Toyota Advance 2006 cheaper than LCGC cars. Used car prices Toyota Avanza 2006 starting at IDR 60 million. In the market, the Toyota Avanza 2006 is still in great demand. Because … Read more

Smart’s new electric car has leaked to the public. It is a stylish car with a slanted roof

The revival of the purely electric Smart brand continues with expansion into other segments. You can view the leaked model #3 in the gallery. The Smart car company no longer belongs only to the wings of Mercedes, since recently the Chinese Geely also holds half of the shares. Together, they want to carry out a … Read more

Slanted Accusations of Match Fixing in the PS Siak vs Serpong City Match, This is Bruno Casimir’s Clarification

League 3 Infogaluh.id – PS Siak defender, Bruno Casimir, clarified his actions which are currently being discussed. In the last match of Group BB in the last 16 of the Indonesian League 3, Sunday (13/3), against Serpong City, which spread on social media. Bruno Casimir, a naturalized Indonesian player with Cameroonian blood, was captured in … Read more

In the aftermath of his slanted comments about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Bulgarian defense minister sacked

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Defense Minister Bulgaria fired after making offensive comments about the invasion Russia ke Ukraine. On Monday (28/2/2022), Prime Minister BulgariaKiril Petkov, sacked the Minister of Defense, Stefan Yanev, for his reluctance to describe the invasion Russia ke Ukraine as a war. Petkov said his center coalition government would ask parliament on Tuesday (1/3/2022) … Read more