Puma scandal: “fiery climate” in the squad and slap on the wrist for Matera at his club in France

After the scandal that was generated on Monday, when old messages of racist content published on Twitter by Pablo Matera, today already a former captain of Los Pumas, came to light, Guido Petti and Santiago Socino, the team worked on Tuesday with the goal set on the Wallabies. But the climate of tension was felt … Read more

Assistantship staff receives slap from family member cancer – Noticieros Televisa

The shortage of medicines for oncological treatments it has been one of the problems in the health sector. The demands have increased to the degree that a relative of a cancer patient god one slapped a member of the assistantship of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO). We recommend you: Those responsible for the murder of … Read more

The Colombian film Luz is a critique of religion – Cinema and Tv – Culture

Light: the title of this movie is half missing to make complete sense. All the characters look for her with anxiety and travel a path of submission and fanaticism to find her. On that road there is pain, regret and a discovery that generates a radical change: the route to redemption becomes the highway to … Read more

Evra exploded on set for 1-6: “More than one needs a good slap”

The picture of Patrice Evra She is the cheerful and optimistic type who always sells through her social networks. But not even he could bear the humiliation of Manchester United, who took a painful 1-6 against Tottenham of José Mourinho. In just his second game commenting for ‘Sky Sports’, the former French footballer could not … Read more

The Government was disordered the plan “Fondéate en tu casa” in the Biobío: Van Rysselberghe supported the mayor after the public slap on the wrist of La Moneda

Despite the criticism, the Government has not backtracked on its “Fondéate en tu casa” plan, with which it seeks to regulate the festivities of National Holidays this year, which will be marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan, which was announced Wednesday amid confusing information provided by the same authorities such as the suspension of … Read more

Lufthansa – Negotiations fail: “A slap in the face for the employees”

The Lufthansa airline group announced on Thursday that it had unilaterally broken off negotiations with the Verdi union on Covid-related savings measures for ground staff. Posted today at 7:00 p.m. The first European airline group, of which the German state has become the main shareholder in an attempt to get out of the rut, plans … Read more

‘Slap’ charm until he is blown away, this policeman gets a ticket for the female driver of Gegara is too beautiful, is desperate to shoot using a ticket – all pages

Sosok.ID – Her name is breaking the rules traffic surely ends up getting letters ticket from Police. Letter ticket itself is given Police as a deterrent effect driver who is desperate to break the rules traffic. Indeed, if you have faced ticket from Police, the process that must be passed to be free from punishment … Read more

A policeman slaps a young man who refuses to put on a mask in Flanders, an open investigation (video)

Passers-by filmed the intervention and the video was posted on social networks. LThe public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into the arrest on Saturday afternoon of a young person in a skatepark in Roeselare in West Flanders, we learned on Sunday. The youngster, who was not wearing a mask, received pepper spray in his face. … Read more