#Family video of a cancer patient slaps a member of López Obrador’s Assistantship

The relative of a patient with cancer slapped a member of the assistantship of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Playas de Rosarito, Baja California, when she was not listened to in her demand for drugs and cancer treatments. “We have 759 days without chemotherapy. We are up to the hat, he wants to kill … Read more

‘More Muppets Than Ever’: Affectionate and Necessary Slaps for Everyone | Television

Jim Henson was always right. His furry puppets were never just for kids. Or, better yet, they were always also for children that we adults keep somewhere, far from the surface. It was equally difficult for him to get out of the box. Almost a decade separates Sesame Street from The Muppets, your most successful … Read more

A policeman slaps a young man who refuses to put on a mask in Flanders, an open investigation (video)

Passers-by filmed the intervention and the video was posted on social networks. LThe public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into the arrest on Saturday afternoon of a young person in a skatepark in Roeselare in West Flanders, we learned on Sunday. The youngster, who was not wearing a mask, received pepper spray in his face. … Read more