Shana’s car was set on fire, flames spread to the house where her daughter (3) sleeps: “I shouted everything together” (Zandhoven)

Zandhoven – Shana Van Lievendael (29) has not slept a wink for two nights. In the night from Monday to Tuesday, her car was set on fire in the Vierselbaan, which was parked right next to her wooden front door under a wooden awning. The flames spread to the residence. Shana and her three-year-old daughter … Read more

The dog gnaws on his toe while he sleeps: so Harley saved his owner’s life (unbeknownst to him)

A dog chewed on his human’s big toe, right down to the bone. And in doing so, she incredibly saved his life. This splatter story active from Cambridge, UK. And if you’re wondering how the man didn’t notice anything until his wife arrived, it’s because he was sleeping. Indiana Bones, the cat adopted by the … Read more

Mare (12) sleeps in a tree house for six months to draw attention to her sister’s (10) illness: “It took us almost three years to find out what she had” | Zwalm

Mare Van Hove (12) from Munkzwalm has been sleeping in a tree since this week. “With this I want to draw attention to children’s rheumatism. I hope to keep the promotion going for six months. During that period, children can come and keep me company for a small financial contribution. The proceeds go to the … Read more

Man has crocodile as a pet and lets the animal roam freely in the house: “She even sleeps in my bed”

People who want to visit Jonathan Araiza should not be afraid of animals. In addition to two chihuahuas and some turtles, he also has a crocodile. The remarkable pet has a pond all to herself, but is also allowed to roam around the house of the Mexican animal lover. “She’s called Gamorra, after the character … Read more

Europe sleeps on the sos landing and NATO wakes up. “Ready for the Immigration Challenge”

Europe is not there and NATO is ready to take its place. It has already happened in Ukraine. It is happening again on the front of the Mediterranean and of migrants. While the European Council is slamming its doors in Giorgia Meloni’s face, who asked to dedicate a part of today’s and tomorrow’s meeting to … Read more

A middle-aged man sleeps on the food street! Seeing that “the posture has not changed”, the cleaner came forward to wake up and died in shock: the lower abdomen is hard | International | CTWANT

A man who had been lying on his stomach in a food mall in Singapore all day was found dead for a long time. (Picture / Recaptured from “China Press”) A sudden death occurred at the Food Street on North Bridge Road in Singapore. A man had been “sleeping” on the seat of the Food … Read more

Mare (12) sleeps in a tree house for six months to draw attention to children’s rheumatism

Saturday is World Children’s Arthritis Day. To put the disease in the spotlight, Mare Van Hove (12) will sleep in a tree house for six months. «Children’s Rheumatism remains an underestimated condition’, report ReumaNet and ORKA, the Association of Parents of Rheumatic Children and Adolescents. In Belgium, about three thousand children and young people suffer … Read more