Soldier survives 42 days in cellar: ‘Slept between the bodies’

Hordjevev’s family has been living in uncertainty all this time. So is his foster sister Anita, who has lived in Amsterdam for years. She shows reporter Chiem Balduk pictures of a young Oleksey. “Oleksej was never afraid of anything,” she says about her foster brother, who is 7 years her senior. “He was very active … Read more

The Czech Lion winner grew up in a Roma ghetto. They slept hungry with their siblings and stole from supermarkets

Both sing and tried their luck in Superstar. While Jan Bendig fought his way to the finals in 2009, his brother Marsell was burned out by the jury. The younger of the siblings finally threw himself into acting and the very first role in the feature film Banger now brought him the Czech Lion. Blessed … Read more

He slept for weeks at Twitter headquarters.. The expulsion engineer replaces Musk!

Dubai – Al Published in: Mar 02, 2023: 09:25 AM GST Last updated: Mar 02, 2023: 09:48 AM GST It seems that the man who had the upper hand in filtering the names of some employees at Twitter in order to put them on the expulsion list may replace the controversial billionaire Elon Musk … Read more

Elon Musk fires the Twitter worker who slept in the office to be always available

After the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, social networks were divided into two groups. The first group celebrated the decision by the South African tycoon and believed with blind faith that the founder of Tesla would manage to somehow improve the social network of the little blue bird. The second group thought and thinks … Read more

“Like a shotgun”: Thierry and the inhabitants of Beez have not slept for months because of the joint of a viaduct

In Beez, Thierry and his neighbors can’t sleep a wink at night, and have been for months. The fault lies with the viaduct which overlooks the village. An expansion joint is faulty and makes a thud every time a truck drives over it. “It goes boom-boom, like a shotgun blast“, describes Thierry. “It’s 24/7. It’s … Read more

Thirty years ago, things were also rumbling at Anderlecht, which fired coach despite leading position: “I said with a laugh that I slept with the chairman’s wife”

The hair in a ponytail completes his hippie look. Did you recognize Luka Peruzovic? In 1992-1993, only that velvet mustache was there. — © Guy Puttemans/Archief Nieuwsblad Oh irony. Anderlecht is experiencing one of its biggest crises ever, but exactly thirty years ago it threw coach Luka Peruzovic out while he was leading with six … Read more

Tesla collapses because Elon Musk “fell asleep at the wheel”

Tesla shares have crashed violently in the past year. Specifically, the manufacturer of electric vehicles lost 74% of its value from the November 2021 peak to the present, taking its market capitalization from $1.6 trillion to just $193 billion. The reason? Elon Musk himself, current CEO and largest shareholder. While the global economy, especially China’s, … Read more

Yang Joon-hyeok, living in each room with his ’19 years younger’ wife “At first we slept together…” Surprising Confession

Screen capture of TV Chosun Current Affairs and Culture ‘Healthy House’ broadcast Yang Joon-hyeok, a former baseball player and broadcaster, drew attention by revealing that he was sharing a room with his wife Park Hyun-seon, who is 19 years younger than him. On the 26th, on the TV Chosun current affairs and liberal arts ‘Healthy … Read more

And what did he do there? The Slavoman Salt Bae slept after the game, even the Argentinians, Messi beat him

He prepares steaks wrapped in gold, and his guests don’t mind paying millions of crowns. asto a rd join the celebrities and entertain them with your show in the form of iconic salted meat. Because of this, almost fifty million people follow him on Instagram. However, Turkish chef and businessman Nusret Gökçe, known as Salt … Read more