Genius Blizzard Zipper Sliding Door Motor 500kg

100% ITALIAN ENGINE BRAND GENIUS1 YEAR WARRANTYIT INCLUDES:* 1 MOTOR (with installation hardware)* 2 REMOTE CONTROLS* 1 COMMAND CENTRAL * 4 meters of rectangular metal zipperIf you want the lamp it has an additional cost of $ 20.00 110V motor for sliding gates up to 500Kg Discounts for more than two teams Shipments throughout the … Read more

Xiaomi patents a folding smartphone with a sliding screen

Although folding screen phones have not yet reached their peak of development, several companies are already beginning to explore the different possibilities of incorporating new innovations to these terminals. And it is that after the recent leak of the patent of Samsung’s rollable phone, now a new Xiaomi patent has just been discovered that bets … Read more

LG will soon present the Wing, a new generation sliding smartphone

LG has every intention of differentiating itself. With the Wing, it announces the opening of a range of innovative products. Its sliding rotating smartphone will be unveiled on September 14. Credits: LG. After the return of the flip cell phone, is it also time for the revival of the slide phone? “LG is embarking on … Read more