Apple says Fortnite was slowing down on iOS, with Fortnite’s interest slipping 70% year on year. This legal battle would be more of a media stunt

Apple responded to Epic’s demands for the iPhone maker to reinstate Fortnite on the App Store in new legal filings, saying the company’s injuries are entirely self-inflicted and Fortnite can revert to iOS anytime. moment, provided that Epic removes the payment system integrated into the application that triggered the deletion of the game in the … Read more

ING Belgium sees 45 highly qualified jobs slipping away

July 23, 2020 Today at 12:25 The ING group indicates that around 40 jobs will be moved from London to Amsterdam. They were originally due to land in Brussels following Brexit. “ING has looked for ways to further reduce costs and decrease the risk of its operations.” Brussels had been the bank’s first choice to … Read more