OECD: Major economies are at risk of recession, growth has slowed more than expected

This year, he still expects gross domestic product (GDP) to grow by three percent, but next year he expects the pace to slow down to 2.2 percent. In June, the OECD expected growth to slow to 2.8 percent. The organization is particularly pessimistic about the outlook in Europe. The latter is most directly exposed to … Read more

Germany’s August inflation slowed to 0.3% and rose year-on-year to 7.9%

Inflation in Germany slowed down in August to 0.3% versus 0.9% in July, in line with expectations, but on an annual basis, inflation rose to 7.9% in line with expectations, to continue above 7%. The main reason for the rise in inflation remains the rise in the prices of energy and food products, as the … Read more

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series high-end graphics cards hit record low prices again, but the rate of decline has slowed

In August, it was reported that the NVIDIA CEO admitted that the GPU was over-produced and intended to cut prices to clear the inventory. Although the official announcement of any price adjustment has not been released so far, the price of foreign NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series high-end graphics cards has been the first to … Read more

Overnight stays slowed down in July

The number of overnight stays continued to accelerate in July over a year, but less vigorously than in previous months, according to the first estimates from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) published on Tuesday. Total overnight stays in hotels in Switzerland increased by 23.8% during the month under review, according to experimental statistics compiled by … Read more

The Earth has slowed down for 50 years – now scientists think they know why

The Earth has begun to spin at a slower speed, making the days longer. Scientists struggle to understand why. In general, there are a couple of processes to point to that have lengthened Earth’s day from its roughly 86,400 second length. – Over millions of years, the planet’s rotation has been slowed down due to … Read more

The increase slowed down, but… Three concerns in housing… The year-end average price was astonishing – Actual

According to Endeksa data, as of the end of June, the annual value increase in housing sales prices in Turkey was at the level of 182 percent, while the average residential square meter sales price increased to 9 thousand 979 TL. However, it is stated that the price increases peaked at 14.7 percent in May … Read more

“Deutsche Welle”: The German economy has slowed down sharply

Germany, whose economy is largely dependent on Russian gas supplies, is anxiously awaiting the coming winter. All because of concerns about the availability of “blue fuel” for German companies and domestic households. Recently, the press reported that half of the 40 million German households are heated by gas and 55 percent are heated by gas. … Read more

Windows 11 adoption peaked at 3.2% in February, but since then progress has slowed Windows 10 is at 38.2% of the market share and the 21H1 update is at 23.9 %

With the release of Windows 11 in October 2021, Microsoft peaked at 3.2% in February, but since then progress has slowed. AdDuplex, a cross-promotion network for Windows applications, releases a report on Windows market share and versions for the month of June. The report says Windows 11’s market share is still below 25%. Earlier in … Read more