Agromuralla requests a specific line of aid that allows adaptation to the new regulation of application of slurry

The livestock association Agromuralla claims both the Ministry of Agriculture and the Xunta de Galicia an “urgent clarification” of the regulations that regulate the application of manure and slurry in the coming years and “specific direct aids” that allow the sector to adapt to the new regulations without the costs involved in compliance with “an … Read more

Nitrogen collectors from slurry

Son excreta that are used as compost, however, contribute to pollute aquifers and release methane and ammonia. Treating these slurries in a sustainable way has become the Achilles heel of a growing industry. And, according to various studies, a large part of the ammonia that is emitted into the atmosphere comes from the agricultural sector … Read more

Disappeared in Crema, no trace in the slurry tank – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUG 23 – No trace of Sabrina Beccalli in the agricultural tank that was emptied of sewage during the investigation into the disappearance of the woman from Crema, for which her friend Alessandro Pasini is in custody in prison, with the accusation of murder and destruction of the body. The investigations of … Read more