Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper meet and their reaction smacks of reconciliation

This image indirectly confirms that the stories of the Bradley’s alleged romance with Lady Gaga did not affect their coexistence and the mutual affection that they still have. Recently Irina herself spoke about the reasons why they decided to go their separate ways to insist that, in reality, there had been no culprit. “I think … Read more

Dj Arafat: Between his exes, Carmen Sama and Emma Lohoues, it smacks of clash!

While they had displayed their complicity a few months ago, making the java in a controversial video, the ex-companions of Dj Arafat, Carmen Sama and Emma Lohoues, would no longer be on good terms. Finally, if we are to believe their recent publications on social networks. Dj Arafat: even after his death, he continues to … Read more