Hyundai Kona has had a facelift. It comes as a mildhybrid and sports an N Line

You can recognize the modernized Hyundai Kona by its redesigned bow. Inside, a 10.25 “instrument shield from the new i20 appeared. Hyundai Kona has been with us since 2017, so this year the carmaker decided it was time to modernize. This is quite significant, because it touched on both the appearance and the technology or … Read more

Hyundai Kona is waiting for a facelift soon. There will also be a sporty Kona N Line

The small SUV of the Korean brand will soon be modernized. The published trailer attracts to the reworked bow. The Hyundai Kona has been on sale since 2017, so this is the ideal time to modernize it. And it is really approaching, as the carmaker has published the first trailer for a modernized model. The … Read more