“Like a storm that passed through the body” (video)

Posted on Friday, January 14, 2022 at 10:30 p.m. Following a Covid infection, children can develop a rare disease called multisystem inflammatory syndrome. This is the case of Federico, a 4-year-old Belgian. Four-year-old Federico contracted Covid-19 six weeks ago. It was only last week that the little boy began to develop worrying symptoms. “It started … Read more

Small spots on genitals 15 January 2022

Thank you for asking about small spots on the genitals through the Ask a Doctor feature. There are several causes of spots on the penis area, namely: 1. Hairy Crown Acorns (Pearly Penile Papules) What are the symptoms and signs of spots on the penis that indicate the condition of Hirsutis Corona Glandis (Pearly Penile … Read more

Omikron won’t get delta small after all: “In the worst scenario, delta variant can take over again”

© BELGIAN The omikron variant does not get delta completely small. The delta variant still accounts for 15 percent of the number of infections, a share that is barely falling, virologists say. In intensive care, this ‘old’ variant even accounts for 80 percent of the number of new admissions. Why is that and what are … Read more

Egypt – “Super-mass”… a “monster” black hole was found in a small galaxy…

(MENAFNYoum7) The newly discovered “enormous” black hole is “among the smallest” of its kind, but it can answer some big questions, and astronomers have discovered a “super-mass” black hole that contains about 200,000 times the mass of the sun. This ‘monster’ buried in the dust and gas of a small dwarf galaxy could add to … Read more

Chinese children’s musicals have opened the replay mode for large and small audiences- Cultural Information- China Jingwei.com

  The Erdo Children’s Theatre, born in Shanghai, has proved it with five years – Chinese children’s musicals have opened a mode of replay by large and small audiences Children’s musicals can only perform “High School Musical”, “The Lion King” and other “overseas”? The Erdo Children’s Theatre, which was born in Shanghai, has used “Looking for … Read more

Dear energy, Confindustria asks for new subsidies for companies and sets its sights on small Italian gas fields

Confindustria paws. Energy prices are racing too much and “the energy shock is a problem for all supply chains, the risk we run, in addition to the production stop which is already happening in some sectors, is that companies move production elsewhere “. He said it today one of the 13 vice presidents of the … Read more

Trentino in the “orange zone”? Not since Friday for Fugatti: out of range for two out of three parameters, but “we are a small province” – Chronicle

TRENTO. With a decisive leap in infections and a further increase in hospitalizations, will Trentino manage not to become the “orange zone”? President Fugatti, in today’s press conference in which the health councilor Segnana did not participate, is optimistic. Even though two out of three parameters are off-scale and our province has the highest intensive … Read more

A predatory falcon, or a small tit, for example. The Czechs will choose a national bird

People should choose the Czech national bird in a poll, a smaller referendum, and primary schools should also intervene in the poll. It is not yet clear when everything will break out. Minister Anna Hubáčková (KDU-ČSL) wants to first meet with representatives of the Czech Ornithological Society and talk about the outlines of the national … Read more

the small format 120 Hz gaming tablet that could make gamers dream

With two gaming smartphones already in its bag, Lenovo wants to continue winning over the most demanding players. The brand will soon add a gaming tablet to its Legion range with the same ambitions as for its Phone Duel in terms of high-end specifications. And for that, she started to tease her Legion Y700. The … Read more

McDonald’s in trouble, can only offer small potatoes in Japan

When they go to McDonald’s, the Japanese will only be able to enjoy small potatoes to accompany their hamburger … but it will not be for health or diet reasons, but for shortage, which has led the restaurant to ration the product starting next Sunday and for about a month. The Japanese subsidiary of the … Read more