Small Lakes on Earth Increasing, This is a Serious Problem!

Jakarta – A new study reveals, Lake-small lake in Earth developed rapidly over the last four decades. Apparently this is a serious problem for Earth. Why? The development of small lakes has been called worrying, given their impact on the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by freshwater reservoirs. According to the researchers, between 1984 and … Read more

Analysis: nitrogen only a small part of the construction problem | Financial

Premium The best of De Telegraaf The question is whether taxpayers’ money is used correctly The money for greener construction equipment was quickly arranged by the cabinet after the recent ruling by the Council of State on the so-called building exemption. This means that builders are no longer allowed to emit nitrogen during the construction … Read more

Merging, the only possible way for the future of small Walloon municipalities?

“This is the path to follow in a time when it is necessary to save money in public management, particularly in view of our institutional lasagna. It is more and more complicated in small towns which have to hire legal grades and qualified staff which are obviously expensive. It is also a possible response to … Read more

News 24 | The Transportation Authority allows small cars to operate in passenger applications until the end of next year

The Public Transport Authority announced today (Sunday) that small cars with a distance between their axes between (2.60 m) and (2.70 m) are allowed to work in passenger transport applications, provided that their operational life does not exceed 5 years from the year of manufacture, and that Until the end of 2023. The authority also … Read more

Vietnam’s ‘small World Cup’…Park Hang-seo sinks German giant ship Dortmund [신짜오 베트남]

Included are veteran Mats Hummels and moreDortmund vs.A dramatic penalty kick at the end of the second halfA thrilling ‘2 to 1’ victoryIn the situation nearing the end of the term of office next month‘Underdog’s rebellion’ led again [신짜오 베트남-222]As the group stage schedule is over, various abnormalities are appearing one after another at the … Read more

Cryoablation is more effective than heat treatment for some small kidney cancers

In patients with early-stage renal cell carcinomas (RCC) measuring between 3 and 4 centimeters, a procedure that destroys the cancer by freezing – called cryoablation – carries a lower risk of cancer-related death than thermal ablation, According to a preliminary study published in The Journal of Urology®and Official Journal of the American Urological Association (AUA). … Read more

Seven flagship attractions of Walibi Belgium have gone to France, to a small village in Haute-Savoie!

******* ************** ** ** ************ ******* ** *** ** ****** ********* *** ****** ** ** ******* *** ********** *** ****** **** *** ***** **** ** **** ** * * ******** ********* ** ** ************ **** *********** *** ***** *********** *** *** ********* ********** ** *** ***** ********* ** ************* ********** ******** ** ****** ************ ** … Read more

Free Mobile is launching a small upgrade to its 5G plan for its old and new subscribers

5G is now activated by default on Free Mobile’s 210 GB 5G plan. No manipulation is now necessary. ‘The (free) 5G option is now activated by default on all “Free 5G” plans, including for former subscribers who had never activated it. It is also activated by default for all new subscriptions,” the operator announced on … Read more

European Assembly of Small and Medium Enterprises begins in Prague :: Dienas Bizness

The annual European Assembly of Small and Medium Enterprises begins today in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, which this year will focus on European companies of the future. The Assembly is the most important event of the year for European small and medium-sized enterprises and their supporters. The forum will discuss how best … Read more

The small inhabitants of Latvia are invited to send a letter to Santa Claus in time

Preparations for the end of the year holidays are gradually underway, so “Latvijas pasts” invites the small residents of Latvia to send a letter to Santa Claus in time. The office of the Latvian Santa Claus is located in Ziemupė, Vērgales parish, Southern Kurzeme district, while Santa Claus lives in Finland. In order for the … Read more