Astronomers discover the remains of small planets swallowed by Jupiter

Scientists have discovered that the interior of Jupiter consists of the remains of small planets that were devoured by the gas giant during its expansion to become the size it is today. The results come from the first visible display under the planet’s cloudy outer atmosphere. Despite being the largest planet in the Solar System, … Read more

Revealed! Man pokes small child in mall experiencing mental disorder, had time to defecate in pants during examination

South TangerangBanten – An Men initials ABS (33) di Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall caught dabbing a minor on Sunday afternoon (26/6/2022). After being chased for trying to escape, the man was finally arrested by the police. Revealed! Pinging Man Small child at the mall experienced mental disorders, had time to defecate in pants during examination … Read more

Billions of small celestial bodies race through our solar system, space travel

This undated artist’s impression shows the asteroid belt and the sun of our solar system. Photo: -NASA/Jpl-caltech/dpa COLOGNE: A massive asteroid impact made the dinosaurs die out. Researchers now know that for sure. But other things about the celestial bodies remain mysterious. Stephan Ulamec is an asteroid researcher at the German Aerospace Center and deals … Read more

A small piece of Russia gives the Ukraine war a new dimension. Lithuania is the new target of Putin’s anger.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, many have feared that the war would spread. Kaliningrad shows that it may be about to happen. Russia is no longer allowed to ship a number of products to Kaliningrad via Lithuania. Here stood freight cars in Kaliningrad on 21 June. Photo: Vitaly Nevar, Reuters / NTB Newsletter Get the overview … Read more

Top 6 Small Japanese Kei Cars, Cheap City Cars, Used Cars, RHD June 2022 | NHS

Kei cars as a category of small vehicles appeared in Japan because their owners are provided with tax and insurance benefits: the shorter the car, the less you pay. Today, the standard for such a machine is a length of no more than 3.4 meters, a width of no more than 1.48 meters, an engine … Read more

[리뷰] A gaming laptop this small and light? 2022 Asus ROG Flow X13

If you are a consumer thinking about purchasing a laptop, the first thing to do is to select a product family. Office laptops with high portability but performance, and gaming laptops with powerful performance but inconvenient to carry or carry are the mainstream of the market. Otherwise, you can choose a 2-in-1 laptop that can … Read more

Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Ultra has 16 cores and a small graphics processor

Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Ultra has 16 cores and a small graphics processor to grow up / The Lenovo P360 Ultra is a compact workstation with plenty of power. Lenovo You’ll never find an advanced workstation or gaming PC quite as small as Intel’s original NUC range, but there are options if you want a small … Read more

Invented an unusual trick to protect strawberries from birds: it will take small pebbles

Strawberries are loved not only by humans but also by birds. To prevent them from sucking the berries, gardeners use an extremely unusual way to deter them from this hobby. Only subscribers can read the full article By subscribing, you support independent authors and journalists. A strong and free media is a pillar of democracy … Read more

the rally with almost a thousand examples of the small car Fiat

Some cars are created to satisfy a trivial, albeit fundamental, need for transport. Then, almost by chance, they become a heritage for the collective memory of an entire country. The people’s car, therefore, whose history is preserved above all in the stories of the businesses faced on board them, of the loves that blossomed (and … Read more