Shrinkflation, why is toilet paper tighter? Smaller packages (at the same price) –

The chocolate bars, the toilet paper, the tea. But also pasta and detergent for the washing machine. The products that suffer the shrinkflation effect are now many and belong to the most disparate categories. The simple system: to avoid raising prices, many brands retouch the formats. In other words, the unit price is always the … Read more

New solar panels will hit the market. More powerful, cheaper and smaller

The price of photovoltaic panels is around 4,000 crowns per square meter, including the cost of installation and supporting electronics. It produces about 180 kWh a year. However, the consumption of a small to medium-sized house is almost twenty times higher, and only in terms of lighting and power supply for common appliances. With heating, … Read more

The defender, who discovered LKL, offers a recipe for how clubs in smaller cities should work

Arnas Beručka grew up in the Vilnius “Rytas” system and still has many friends in this capital’s club. After revealing himself in the Perl team, he jumped into the main Vilnius team, but the young defender had to wait for his hour in Lithuanian basketball. The former player of the Lithuanian national teams did not … Read more

Higher price in supermarket is sometimes also hidden in smaller packaging | NOW

Anyone who has walked into a supermarket in recent weeks may have noticed: not all products are becoming more expensive, but there is less in one package. There is an economic term for this: shrinkage inflation. Supermarkets and manufacturers use it as a trick to keep customers while prices rise. Life has been getting much … Read more

See the renders comparing the screen outside the Galaxy Z Fold3 vs Z Fold4, the screen is wider. hinge edge smaller more usable

Galaxy Z Fold4 has started to come out continuously. Previously, we had known important specs, the latest Ice Universe has revealed new information that the Galaxy Z Fold4 will adjust the design of the new hinge. Ready to make a rendering image to compare with the previous model for us to watch. From the picture, … Read more

companies make smaller products to contain prices

Tomato extract and tomato sauce is getting worse every day, even the “most expensive” brands!! I bought one these days that even the color was opaque, half olive, taste worse than ketchup. — Monalisa (@colunadagio) May 23, 2022 Reduction is the name of this phenomenon For the economist and member of the Brazilian Institute of … Read more

The big Bitcoin whales are selling, but the smaller ones continue to HODLare

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) may see further capitulation, but not before the whales start selling. In a recent reportthe on-chain analytics platform CryptoQuant highlighted a increasingly bearish behavior among whales. Sale by small whales could trigger “absolute capitulation” Il consensus among experts it appears to be that the BTC / USD pair will hit … Read more

Test: Škoda Enyaq iV 60 – smaller battery ‘catches up’ with low consumption – Car tests – Car

Is it a good idea to buy a Škoda Enyaq iV with a smaller battery with a capacity of 58 kWh? If you can plan a little, it won’t let you down. And the price is close to a regular SUV. Photo: Ľuboš Pilc, Lubos Pilc Škoda Enyaq – test 2022 Even the basic version … Read more

The She-Hulk visual effects team was ordered to make her “smaller”

© In case you haven’t heard, the trailer for She-Hulk on Disney Plus dropped earlier this week. The series follows lawyer Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) as she learns to live with her massive alter ego. While fans have been eagerly waiting for She-Hulk to enter the MCU, the trailer left many disappointed and a little … Read more

The farewell story of Ellen (36), who saw her world become much smaller when she became ill eight years ago: “Loneliness is worse than a tumor”

© Geert Van de Velde Ellen. Yesterday, on May 20, she turned 36. She’s not getting any older. She has a brain tumor and is out of treatment. She is not engaged in a battle, she says herself. She is undergoing the disease. She can’t help it. “If there is a struggle, it is mainly … Read more