Scientists invent the world’s smallest amplifier

The idea of ​​very small acoustic amplifiers is not new. About 50 years ago, scientists tried to make similar acoustic radio components, but with the technology of the time, it was impossible to make them small enough. Today, researchers have access to both electron microscopes and semiconductor materials, which are very thin and at the … Read more

Smallest daily increase in Ontario since September

The number of daily cases in Ontario fell on Monday after several days of stability, dropping below 120 new infections for the first time since September. Ontario has recorded 114 cases in its daily report and no new deaths, representing a decrease after reporting 166 new contaminations the day before and 179 for the day … Read more

This is supposed to be the world’s smallest cow – attracting huge crowds

– I have never seen anything like this in my life, says Rina Begum, who visited the farm BBC Bangla. More than 15,000 people defied the corona restrictions and are said to have visited the farm Charigram, which is located near the capital Dhaka in Bangladesh. This just to get a glimpse of the new … Read more

Thousands of People in Bangladesh Ignore ‘Lockdown’ to See World’s Smallest Cattle

Thousands of people have ignored the national lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic in Bangladesh to see Rani, the 51-centimeter-tall cow that her owner claims is the world’s smallest cow. The 23-month-old pygmy cow has become a media star, after newspapers and television stations reported it from a farm near Dhaka. Rani’s picture on social … Read more

Survey: Compared to neighboring countries, Latvia has the smallest population investing

About half of the population in each of the Baltic countries does not make any investments. In turn, when choosing where to invest money, Estonians prefer real estate, Latvians – private pension funds, but Lithuanians invest equally in real estate, pension funds and accumulative insurance, ”he concluded.SEB bank ”. Content will continue after the ad … Read more

Asus launches the smallest flagship phone in the market.. Price and specifications

Asus launched its latest Zenfone 8 phone last May, for sale in the markets of Europe and Taiwan, which is one of the flagship devices that has a smaller size compared to most of the current smartphones. And according to what was reported by the “gsmarena” technical website, the Asus Web Store revealed that the … Read more

Top 5 smallest flagship smartphones of 2021

Table of Contents Introduction The idea to write such material was born after the publication of the ASUS Zenfone 8 review and the shooting of a video on YouTube on a similar topic. In the comments there were suggestions to tell about all current smartphones with compact dimensions, but productive hardware. Unfortunately, there are not … Read more

Study Solve the Puzzle World’s Smallest Dinosaur

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Study succeeds in solving the so-called fossil puzzle world’s smallest dinosaur and is embedded in a 99 million -year -old amber stone and proves the skeleton is prehistoric lizard. Previously, this fossil had caused debate among experts, because some called it the smallest dinosaur in the world. However, research published last … Read more

School De Horizon mourns tragic death David (8): “Smallest helper, biggest capon. You have a place in our hearts” | Instagram VTM NEWS

The boy died after falling into the water, presumably trying to retrieve a ball from the fish pond. On the school’s Facebook page, the management puts it this way: “We learned that our always cheerful David died in a tragic accident. There are no words for this. The world stands still for us for a … Read more

Horoscope for Saturday, August 15: Perceive even the smallest details

Ram You will realize that your financial reserves are not bottomless and you will start saving. The family, which has been used to scattering enough so far, will get on your nerves at first, but eventually they will begin to understand you and support you as much as possible in your efforts. bull You will … Read more