Xiaomi’s smallest computer is the size of a rubik’s cube and fits in your pocket

It seems a long way off, but just three decades ago the first laptop was launched, a very heavy equipment compared to what we find today in the market, which tends to minimize, from tablets that already have PC performance to the most Small from Xiaomi, recently launched, which is the size of a rubik’s … Read more

The Caddy California is the smallest motorhome since Volkswagen

Caddy had been offering sleeping arrangements for the last generation, when he called himself Beach, for example. However, in the new generation, the “residential” modifications have already moved to such a level that Volkswagen’s smallest utility vehicle deserves entry into a family called California. Under the Grand California models built from Crafter and the middle … Read more

The smallest Skoda retired a year after the premiere – Motor

Skoda’s chief marketer made it clear that the company’s priority is to release larger and more marginal models. One of these is the successor to the Citigoᵉ iV in the Skoda battery range, the new electric crossover Enyaq. In some European countries the Citigoᵉ iV has disappeared from Skoda’s local configurators, but in the UK … Read more

Horoscope for Saturday, August 15: Perceive even the smallest details

Ram You will realize that your financial reserves are not bottomless and you will start saving. The family, which has been used to scattering enough so far, will get on your nerves at first, but eventually they will begin to understand you and support you as much as possible in your efforts. bull You will … Read more

The production of the smallest Defender 90 is postponed, the reason is not surprising

Those interested in the three-door Defender 90 will eventually have to wait more than half a year longer. The reason is a coronavirus pandemic. If you look at the Land Rover website, whether local or foreign, and focus on the new Defender 90 with a three-door body, the following warning will pop up: “Production of … Read more

The first Riga Smallest Art and Sports Festival will take place in Von Strick Villa / Article / LSM.lv

The first Riga Smallest Art and Sports Festival will take place at the von Strick Villa in Riga over the weekend. For more than a year, Stricka Villa has been home to the Smallest Gallery in Riga, which occupies exactly one window of the building. Now the activities have become bigger and at the weekend … Read more

China reveals the world’s smallest phone running the “Android-10” system

The company became famous Unihertz The Chinese developed the strange and advanced phones at the same time, and recently revealed the latest releases in this field, as the company developed this time a distinctive phone, which is classified as the smallest smartphone that works With the system “Android -10 “hadith. A phone comes Jelly 2 … Read more