Smallpox, Dengue, prehistoric viruses … epidemics, another specter of global warming

The Covid-19 pandemic, with its virus probably born in bats, has highlighted the dangers of increasingly extensive interference between human activities and nature, which promotes the transmission of animal diseases to the man. But the risk of epidemics can also come from another disastrous consequence of human activities: climate change, which causes the displacement of … Read more

The Vikings, propagators of smallpox in the Middle Ages?

The Vikings, propagators of smallpox in the Middle Ages? From the teeth of a dozen Vikings who lived between AD 600 and AD 1050 in Denmark, Sweden or Russia, the team of Danish geneticist Eske Willerslev identified a sister strain of the modern smallpox virus. , according to results published at the end of July … Read more

Smallpox survivor, Voltaire defends, among the first, inoculation

Portrait of Francois Marie Arouet dit Voltaire (1694-1778), in 1736, signed Quentin De La Tour. Photo Josse / Leemage The party promised to be delicious. The château du Président de Maisons, built by Mansart on the banks of the Seine, was welcoming and sumptuous. The master of the premises, 25, held high office in the … Read more

Researchers Discover the Origin of Smallpox, a Type of Ancient Virus That Ever Affected the Vikings 1400 Years Ago

TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID – Scientists around the world are looking for corona viruses. However, other virologists are still struggling to pursue the origin of other diseases. Researchers reveal the origins of smallpox. This is done by checking DNA in the bones and teeth. • Achmad Purnomo is Positive Corona After Meeting Jokowi, President and Solo City Officials … Read more

Vikings allegedly helped spread smallpox virus across Europe

Officially declared eradicated by the World Health Organization in 1980, smallpox has long plagued humanity. Out of ten infected people, three did not survive and the others very often went on with their lives disfigured or disabled. In the 20th century alone, smallpox claimed nearly 300 million lives. Traces of this ailment have recently been … Read more

How America’s Armies Fought Smallpox During the Civil War

While many countries remain on alert since the Covid-19 pandemic, researchers have decided to go back in time and look into the case of another viral disease, smallpox. Thanks to samples taken from vaccination kits dating from the Civil War, they were able to discover how American soldiers were vaccinated during the second half of … Read more

Spots on the legs – a symptom of coronavirus

Spots on the heels, as well as on the toes and feet in general, are one of the symptoms of coronavirus. They look like bruises and mostly affect children and adolescents. There are many cases already, but there is good news, because it is possible to identify COVID-19 at an early stage and prevent mass … Read more

Alain Damasio: “The police don’t have to be armed with massive medical incompetence”

Alain Damasio has been hammering it for almost two decades: technology replaces nothing – neither hugs nor human warmth – it simulates. The confinement imposed on us by the coronavirus epidemic could not give him more reason: if videoconferencing applications have never been so much in demand, they cannot make us forget our loneliness. It … Read more