Study shows that children can become smarter from computer games

Screen time for children is a debated topic, but research from the Karolinska Institute has shown that computer games can contribute to higher intelligence in children. The study, which was done together with Vrije University in Amsterdam and published in 2022, included over 9,000 boys and girls in the United States. When the children were … Read more

Smarter with omega-3 fatty acids? Study shows effects

24vita Health Created: 05/13/2023, 12:17 p.m Von: Juliane Gutman Split Consuming all the important nutrients promotes physical and mental fitness. A study suggests that omega-3 fatty acids have a positive effect on brain performance. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in walnuts, flaxseed and various types of fish such as salmon or mackerel. The fatty acid … Read more

Smarter watches and super camera when Huawei launched news

Yesterday, Tuesday 9 May, Huawei had a launch event in Munich where a number of products were unveiled. It was already known in advance that the P60 Pro and Mate X3 would appear. Something that was completely new, however, was the company’s new smartwatch, the Huawei Watch 4. Our dispatched representative has taken a closer … Read more

The Father of Artificial Intelligence Warns AI Chatbots “May Soon Be Smarter Than Humans”

The man known as the father of artificial intelligence (AI) has quit his job, but before he warned the world of the dangers of AI development. that is going to be smarter than humans Geoffrey Hinton, 75, has announced his retirement from his job at Google. According to the statement The New York Times brought … Read more

Full of encouragement, “Pin Ketmanee” makes a great post! Smarter, smarter, overcoming sadness: PPTVHD36

“Pin Ketmanee” posted and shared great messages. self-motivated Make people in the industry and netizens comment to send a lot of encouragement. “Pin Ketmanee” posted! Missing home – bedroom with symbols of sad mood Watch again! “J-Pin” unfollowed Instagram already? Still being watched for a relationship for a couple of “J- Jetrin Wattanasin” and “Pin … Read more

Smarter, more fierce, more peak than before! Galaxy S23 Ultra with a 200MP resolution camera, how clear will it be? Let’s see!

Smartphones are constantly evolving. Makes the quality in various aspects of the smartphone many times higher than before Especially the quality of the camera, which is obviously as high-quality as a pro camera. Like Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, it comes with a 200MP high-resolution camera with Adaptive Pixel technology that has been … Read more

sushi makes you smarter

Sushi is extremely popular – and we get that! Do you also love the rice rolls? Then we have very good news. Research shows that it makes you smarter. Say what? Now we have another good reason to order sushi tonight. Omega 3 Sushi contains a good dose of omega-3 fatty acids and they are … Read more

[Hong Kong Football]Frankly admits that the Hong Kong team is not sure of its strength Anderson: In the future, we must play smarter

[Sports News]The Hong Kong Football Team played a friendly match against Singapore tonight (23rd).In the end, the Mong Kok field was full and the opponent was forced 1:1During the process, the offensive was not converted into goals under the dominance of the game. The only goal came from the opponent’s “own goal”. After the game, … Read more

“Petchsinin Teeded 99” is smarter than “Thurdu Noi T.B.M. Gym”

Saenkom (Wor Wiangsa) Kiatrungrat (wins TKO Phaya Waeng (Sor Nilthai) Phayak Awejee Round 3 at Don Mueang) Boxing Rhythm, kick, punch, punch, punch, knee, elbow. Phichit) T. Krainet (lost by Fino Chor. Ketweena score at Ratn.) Rhythm boxing, kicking, punching, punching, knee-wrestling, violent but sarcastic as the last 110 por. super black S. S. Toi … Read more