Smart’s new electric car has leaked to the public. It is a stylish car with a slanted roof

The revival of the purely electric Smart brand continues with expansion into other segments. You can view the leaked model #3 in the gallery. The Smart car company no longer belongs only to the wings of Mercedes, since recently the Chinese Geely also holds half of the shares. Together, they want to carry out a … Read more

He calls them “smarts” and “traitors. Kadyrov wants heavy penalties.”

The Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, scares people who refuse to serve in the army. He proposed that Russian soldiers and officers involved in the attack on Ukraine should choose their own penalties for those who refrain from partial mobilization. The Chechen leader says prison is not a heavy punishment.

LINK Madrid vs Girona, Ancelotti’s 5 Smarts, Willing to Lose to Be Safe Spanish League – Champions League I Real Madrid will play again at home on matchday Laliga, hosting Girona at Santiago Barnebau, Sunday (10/30/2022) at 22.00 WIB. Normal calculations, the Spanish giants can easily crush the guest, the onion fertilizer team in the Spanish Match. Just look at his match record statistics. Real Madrid are unbeaten this season, including facing … Read more

4 out of 10 best-selling smarts – with a special sustainability rating

Almost half a year ago, major European operators, including Telia, introduced the Eco-Rating, which assesses the environmental friendliness of telephones, and it is already gaining people’s attention. The company’s statistics show that 4 of the TOP10 best-selling smartphones in Lithuania are from this ranking. The sustainability initiative launched in Europe is also gaining momentum, with … Read more