The well-known clothing brand Blažek was swept away by the crisis. The e-shop did not save sales

The well-known clothing company has dozens of stone shops in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. However, they remained closed for several months due to a government order. The e-shop set up by Blažek was unable to compensate for the loss of income in part. The portal informed about it Today. The brand is based on … Read more

The crisis over the fight against coronavirus has highlighted the hardship of Chinese investment in the Czech Republic

Hundreds of billions are flying through the air, which are to flow from Chinese investors to the Czech Republic. One agreement after another is signed. This is what the Chinese-Czech economic courtship promoted by the Castle looked like four years ago. President Miloš Zeman announced at the time that by the end of 2016, China … Read more

The court granted Smartwings and CSA, declared a moratorium

Bankruptcies cannot be declared for companies during the moratorium. “Obligations directly related to the maintenance of the company’s operations arising after the announcement of an extraordinary moratorium are entitled to be paid by the debtor for the duration of the extraordinary moratorium in preference to previously due liabilities,” the court said. The amount of liabilities … Read more

Smartwings and CSA have called for a debt moratorium

Today, Smartwings and CSA airlines from the Smartwings Group filed a motion with the Municipal Court in Prague to declare an extraordinary moratorium, ie postponing the maturity of debts, due to coronavirus. A law called Lex covid to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus epidemic has recently allowed them to request a temporary deferral. The … Read more

HN: The Chinese want to get away from the Smartwings

The Chinese state corporation CITIC has decided to leave the ownership structure of the Czech aviation group Smartwings, where it owns a 49.9 percent stake. With reference to its sources, it is written today Economic newspaper. According to them, CITIC will not participate in the rescue of Smartwings. “They don’t want bankruptcy, but the willingness … Read more

Smartwings and CSA have called for an extraordinary moratorium

According to the company, the need to use the moratorium stems solely from the consequences of the pandemic that triggered the global air transport crisis. “Nothing has changed in the operation of Smartwings and CSA. Both companies provide all planned flights according to flight schedules and continue to renew other routes depending on the development … Read more

Smartwings have the ratings needed for a state-guaranteed loan

The rating from EGAP, which indicates the reliability of the company as a debtor, was published for Smartwings at the lower end of the scale, in a band marked as “highly speculative”. The airline can thus achieve a guarantee of 70 percent of the principal, write LN. If the evaluators ranked the company only one … Read more

The captain made 21 mistakes when flying with only one engine. I have a wealth of experience, he defended himself

The Institute for the Professional Investigation of the Causes of Aircraft Accidents completed the investigation of last year’s Smartwings flight from the Greek island of Samos to Prague, when the aircraft flew almost the entire route with only one engine and did not land in an emergency. According to the findings of the institute, the … Read more