Market Traders Claimed to Smear His Face with Covid-19’s Saliva, Scorn and Banish Officers When Picked Up Page all A woman with the initials HL admitted to smearing the saliva of a Covid-19 patient on her face. For his recognition, the Covid-19 Handling Acceleration Task Force Team Batam, Riau Islands also picked up a woman who works as a trader in the Toss 3000 Jodoh traditional market. HL was taken to undergo swab … Read more

3 positive cases in the fourth Corona Ismaili smear

The fourth Corona swab to which the Ismaili players were subjected proved three positive cases in the team “one player + two members of the administrative apparatus of the team”, and the Football Association Medical Committee informed the officials of the Ismaili Club of the negative the third swab that the players and members of … Read more