FilGoal | News | Amir Mortada: The smears of Zamalek players are negative … I do not know why the Football Association announced the matter

Amir Mortada Mansour, the football supervisor at Zamalek Club, revealed that the results of the rapid analyzes conducted by the Egyptian Football Association for players showed that the team had three positive cases of Corona virus, while the result of the swab conducted by Zamalek for the three players was negative. Amir Mortada said in … Read more

Lozoya sinks Videgaray and Peña to save himself and smears Meade, Calderón, senators, deputies …

Only 14 days after receiving his connection to the process for participating in alleged acts of corruption, Lozoya presented his first complaint of the facts that are imputed to him. At last she said names; some are obvious for a long time and others will still have more days in the secrecy. SEE MORE Lozoya … Read more