Is vaping safer than smoking? World Health Organization answers this and other questions

Vapers or electronic cigarettes are “tubes” or vaporizers to which substances that can be floral or fruity, with or without nicotine are introduced. LN file A common practice in smokers when they want to quit is to switch to vapers, as they consider it to be a less harmful product and that eventually they will … Read more

World Health Organization associates smoking with increased risk of COVID-19

Archive Note: This content was published more than 90 days ago. London – Smoking is linked to an increased risk of serious illness and death in hospitalized patients due to coronavirussaid the World Health Organization (WHO), although it did not specify exactly how much the risk was. .

Smoking raises the risk of dying from coronary heart disease, WHO reiterates

Geneva, Sep 22 (Prensa Latina) Smoking causes 20 percent of deaths from coronary heart disease annually, which represents 1.9 million deaths worldwide, according to a report published today by the World Organization of the Health (WHO). In the study, also prepared by the World Heart Federation and the University of Newcastle, Australia, they report that … Read more

Breaking news: New coronavirus measure in Kastamonu! Smoking is prohibited in the squares and parks …

Kastamonu In a written statement made by the Governorship, the Provincial Hygiene Board chaired by Governor Avni Çakır coronavirus It was reported that it was gathered to discuss the measures to be taken regarding the outbreak. It was noted that insufficient compliance with the measures taken, especially the physical distance rule, increased the rate of … Read more

ProRail will dismantle hundreds of smoking zones at major stations in September | NOW

ProRail and NS have started making all platforms at Dutch train stations smoke-free. A smoking ban has been in place for most of the stations since 2004, but now the smoking zones are also being dismantled. From 1 October, there will be no more smoking poles or smoking zones on the platforms. In September, ProRail … Read more

Farmer Frank legally grows a polder full of hemp on Flakkee, but not for smoking

Monday, 31 August 2020, 7:24 PM The latest crop from arable farmer Frank Franzen from Dirksland attracts attention. Just outside Oude-Tonge, he has planted a polder full of hemp plants. It is a trial. “But there is no THC in it, so if you smoke it, nothing will happen.” Franzen is looking for sustainable materials … Read more

Constantijn and Laurentien displeased with the publication of photos of smoking Eloise | NOW

Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien are not satisfied with the choice of weekly Weekend to publish images of their daughter Eloise. The weekly has given pictures of the countess smoking a very prominent place on their cover. “This has no news value,” said the couple. In a statement to Show news let Constantijn and Laurentien … Read more

Countess Eloise van Oranje discredited after – yes – smoking a cigarette

Eloise van Oranje Although in the case of Eloise, the press need not take into account by mediacode, are her parents (Princess Laurentien and Prince Constantijn) not amused. “Eloise is primarily a private person with the associated rights to privacy. We expect these to be respected. The publication of these photos detracts from that, ”they … Read more

One person injured in a fire accident in Saldus due to careless smoking In the spotlight

Due to careless smoking, two fires broke out yesterday, but one of them injured a person, Agrita Vītola, a representative of the State Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS), informed LETA. The fire with the victim broke out in Saldus, because the SFRS received a call to the scene at 13.04, which was caused by a … Read more