If bitten, death is guaranteed within half an hour, six times stronger poison; Snakes stranded on the island

Snakes are found in most countries of the world. But an area inhabited by snakes all their own? There is such a thing. is an island. The name of this island is Ila da Quaimada Grande or Snake Island in Brazil. This exotic island with an area of ​​110 acres is about 120 km away … Read more

In Ukraine in a day, what in Afghanistan in a month. The West is catching up with ammunition stocks — ČT24 — Czech Television

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, European countries drastically reduced their defense budgets, armies and arsenals. With the subsequent rise of al-Qaeda, they have focused on fighting terrorism, which requires other military investments and lighter forces, the NYT notes. Even NATO’s long engagement in Afghanistan, the paper said, bore little resemblance to the gun- … Read more

Ukrainians who fled to bring the dead to Snake Island – the horrors of Russian captivity: interrogation, beating, chased with dogs

What this foursome experienced is told by a person working in Poland gazeta.pl owned portal in Polish and Ukrainian Ukrayinka.pl. “On a trip on February 26 I took only the Bible and a few bags, – says Pastor Leonidas, who became a priest in 2014. – The Russians did not allow us to disembark on … Read more

Complex operations. Ukraine brags about how it got the flag on Snake Island

Hádí ostrov (also known as Viper Island) is a small piece of rock jutting out of the Black Sea near the southern Ukrainian coast. In addition to its strategic importance, it has become a symbol of resistance to Moscow for Ukrainians. On Thursday, the Ukrainian flag flew again on the island. According to Kyiv, the … Read more

Ukraine’s special operation on Snake Island: how did everything go?

According to a message published on Facebook, on the night of July 7, soldiers of the 73rd Marine Center of the Ukrainian Special Forces, led by the commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, reached Snake Island by submarine. Using special equipment, the coastal area was first explored – abandoned mines were searched for. After completing … Read more

What will happen to Snake Island

Andrusiv is convinced that demilitarization awaits the island. Ukrainian island Serpent / photo UNIAN, Oleg Kutsky The armed forces of Ukraine, thanks to the military assistance of the allies, will be able to “demilitarize” Serpent’s Island and deprive the Russians of the opportunity to cover military aviation and the Black Sea Fleet. This was stated … Read more

Minus one more: And the tug Vasily Bech went to the cruiser Moscow

Ukrainian forces hit the Russian tug Vasily Bekh in the Black Sea with Harpoon missiles. This was announced by the chairman of the Odessa regional military administration Maxim Marchenko in his channel in Telegram. “This morning in the Black Sea area, the Black Sea Fleet tug Vasily Bekh was hit by missiles while transporting ammunition, … Read more

Why is Russia insisting on seizing Snake Island and Ukraine so determined to defend it?

KOMPAS.com – Russia claim Ukraine have tried – and failed – to reclaim Snake Islandbut the British say the fighting is not over. Since the beginning Russian invasion of UkraineSnake Island gained a vital and almost mystical status in the war. Read also: Trump Criticizes Huge US Spending To Help Ukraine The seemingly unremarkable rock … Read more

Putin, “his personal parade ship sank in the Black Sea”. And the video released from Kiev goes viral

The nave from personal parade of Putin was destroyed off the coast of Snake Islandin the Black Sea. This was reported by the Ukrainian authorities in the Telegram channel of Ukraine Now who claim to have dropped a laser-guided Bayraktar TB2 drone that hit and sank the boat. “We received information that one of the … Read more

Ukraine destroys Russian command post on Snake Island, rebuffs demands to surrender

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Ukraine said its military had attacked outposts on Snake Island held by Russian forces. That island in the Black Sea became famous when the army Ukraine stationed there rejected Moscow’s demands for surrender. Commander of the southern army Ukraine said it had destroyed a command post Russia and anti-aircraft missile systems on Tuesday … Read more