Sobchak hinted at replenishment in the Shnurov family

“Blonde in Chocolate” shared insider information about the personal life of the leader of “Leningrad”. Ksenia Sobchak said that the young wife of Sergei Shnurov is suspected of being pregnant. The soloist of the Leningrad group has a rather rich personal life. He was married several times. From previous marriages, he has adult children – … Read more

Sobchak put in place presumptuous Baskov

Nikolai Baskov, despite his “golden voice”, will never replace the late Iosif Kobzon. And there is one reason for that, says Ksenia Sobchak. The “natural blond” has absolutely no chance of taking the place of the singer, Sobchak believes. And the point here is not even a lack of talent or regalia – everything is … Read more

enriched by the Russians Sobchak sat in a puddle

Ksenia Sobchak in vain thought that she was surrounded by some idiots. The Russians, whom the enterprising TV presenter tried to cheat, deftly found justice for her. The star, who decided to famously get rich on courses on the Internet, is not waiting for huge earnings, but for a showdown with law enforcement agencies. The … Read more

Ksenia Sobchak compared Ryan Gosling as Ken from Barbie with Kharatyan

The TV presenter was not happy with the first frame from the upcoming film. Ksenia Sobchak in her Telegram channel smashed Ryan Gosling in the image of Ken and compared him with Dimitri Kharatyan. On the eve of the Network appeared the first photo of Gosling in the image of Ken from the film adaptation … Read more

fans of Ksenia Sobchak discuss the engagement of the star of “Twilight”

Taylor Lautner threw a marriage proposal party. Ksenia Sobchak called the engagement video of the star of the film “Twilight” “strange”. The journalist considers the accents made in the video inappropriate. “A very strange video by Hollywood standards – as if they were bartering a buffet and decorating with balloons,” Sobchak wrote on her blog. … Read more

on Sobchak and Bogomolova leaned Tsyganova

The singer criticized the lifestyle of the star couple. Vika Tsyganova admitted that she was disgusted not only by Bogomolov’s productions. Following Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, singer Vika Tsyganova criticized Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov. And although the latter did not leave the country, the star of the 90s found something to complain about. … Read more

“Just gloating!” Borodina insulted Sobchak, who “leaked” a photo of the disfigured Kazmina to the Network

Ksenia Borodina According to the TV presenter, the socialite was simply gloating. Ksenia Borodina once again spoke out extremely harshly against Ksenia Sobchak, who published on social networks pictures of Andrei Arshavin’s ex-wife Alisa Kazmina with serious defects on her face. “So I’m thinking, well, what kind of scum do you have to be in … Read more

sunken Sobchak announced the date of her return

Ksenia’s determination to demonstrate disagreement with Russian policy was enough for a month. Instead of finally washing her hair and going to a beautician, Ksenia Sobchak decided to speak at the capital’s forum. Announced its arrival leading to Telegram channelwhere and “communicates with the audience.” The Moscow Forum will be held on 23 and 24 … Read more

Sobchak, who left Russia, becomes an inveterate drunkard abroad

At least Lena Miro has no doubts about it. The departure of Ksenia Sobchak either to Turkey for the holidays with a 5-year-old son, or to Israel with a Western journalist, turned out to be not so short-lived. Weeks later, the “bloody lady” returned, but not to Russia, but to the social network, and the … Read more