“Ann” exposes softly

“Ann Thongprasom” reveals drinking with “Aff Taksorn”, saying that the line is strong, the bottle is still indifferent. Ready to reveal the moment in the frame “Han So Hee”, beautiful, elegant, Somsak with many people who love It made me quite excited with the picture of “Ann Thongprasom” drinking with “AFL” Taksorn Paksukcharoen. “In fact, … Read more

‘Strongest Aegyo’ BTS Jimin, making bracelets is so lovely? Fan heart that melts softly in the golden hand authentication Vlog❤️ – Reporter Hwang Seon-yong

Jimin of BTS melted the fan’s heart with a video full of aegyo by verifying his golden hand in the workshop experience Vlog. On the 23rd, on BTS’ YouTube channel ‘BANGTAN TV’, hashtags such as ‘#one and only bracelet’ and “[BTS VLOG] Jimin l Bracelet Workshop VLOG” video was released. In the video, the main … Read more

Moscow reopens gas (softly). But the EU front is growing against the 15% cut

“Ordinary people in Europe will have a bitter cold in their homes this winter.” Dmitry Medvedev passes them off as predictions, but the words spoken yesterday by the vice president of the Russian Security Council, coincidentally on the day Nord Stream 1 reopened, sound like yet another threat. With the return to operation of the … Read more

OPEC treads softly as bearish news intensifies

This week finally saw good news for oil consumers. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and the International Energy Agency have revised down their demand forecasts, indicating that prices finally have significant downside potential. But OPEC is ready to change course. “Strict new lockdown measures amid rising Covid cases in China have led … Read more

Apex Legends Mobile “softly” launched in ten states

It is clear what market it is for. The “soft” launch of Apex Legends Mobile was supposed to take place last Tuesday, but almost at the very last moment, the developers, hiding behind “events in the world”, postponed the event for a week. Seven days have passed, and behold, the first ten states received access … Read more

Tarot Divination Tomorrow October 6, 2021: Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Leo Speak Softly

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Tarot Card Divination tomorrow 6 October 2021 for Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Leo describe You better say it gently to others. Maybe subconsciously, sometimes your words are too harsh for the other person. The purpose of your words is good, namely to state the truth, but not everyone will accept the way … Read more