Hammer thrower Sokolov becomes the Latvian champion for the 35th time

Sokolov won with a score of 62.16 meters. She has already won the gold medal of the champion in Koknese in her 35th career. Sokolovs threw hammers for the first time in official competitions at the age of 14 in 1988, but four years later he won the Latvian championship for the first time. In … Read more

Vsetin – Prostejov 8: 2, Done. The hockey players of Vsetín and Jihlava advanced to the finals of the first league

The Wallachians will play in the finals of the first league for the first time in history. In 1994, when they advanced to the extra league, they entered the barracks as the winners of the semi-final duel. Vsetín worked in the highest competition from 1994 to 2007 and won six championship titles between 1995 and … Read more

Sokolov – Třebíč 3: 0, Sokolov goes on. The leader of the basic part ends, Přerov and Vsetín have averted the end

Sokolov won the swordball on Monday thanks to a 4: 3 overtime win and at 2:22 he took the lead thanks to the goal of Jakub Konečný. In 97 seconds, Vítězslav Bílek increased. In the 58th minute, Tomáš Jandus hit the bar first, but Marek Sloboda sent the puck into the empty net. Goalkeeper Oldřich … Read more

Slavia – Vsetín 5: 3, Litoměřice, Vsetín and Třebíč are one step away from elimination in the quarterfinals of the first league

In Prostějov, six goals were scored in the first period. In the time of 3:44, Šimon Jelínek was happy with the home goal when he scored. Marek Berka and Josef Jícha turned around Litoměřice between the 9th and 12th minutes, but in the 18th minute Jan Rudovský equalized in the power play, in another 62 … Read more

Actor Boris Sokolov from “Streets of Broken Lights” dies

He has been called “a brilliant performer of the heroes of his time”. “He was very loved in the theater – for his great humor, for his powerful talent, for his good nature, calmness and warmth. His last performance was the lyrical tragicomedy “With You and Without You”, where Sokolov played the strong and gentle … Read more

Litoměřice – Sokolov 6: 4, Litoměřice won after a series of three defeats for the second time in a row and followed up on Saturday’s victory in Třebíč (1: 0). The introduction of the match, however, Sta

After a series of three defeats, Litoměřice won for the second time in a row and continued Saturday’s victory in Třebíč (1: 0). However, the stadium did not succeed in the match and in the 15th minute he lost 0: 2 after the goals of Jaromír Kverka and Radek Prošek. Finn Riku Sihvonen started the … Read more

Třebíč – Sokolov 3: 2, Třebíč leads the first league by seven points after a turn with Sokolov

Třebíč hockey players continue to lead the first league (archive photo) Profimedia.cz Třebíč had to fight for its fourteenth win from fifteen matches this season until the end. Michal Vodný took the lead in the 5th minute in an overpowering game, but Daniel Kružík equalized in the numerical advantage in 101 seconds and in the … Read more