There are 4 solar & lunar eclipses

Jakarta – During 2023, there will be plenty phenomenon of astronomy will happen. In January 2023 alone, there are 3 astronomical phenomena that occur. This is complete. Astronomical Phenomena in January 2023 Peak of the Quadrantid Meteor Shower January 4, 2023 The Quadrantid meteor shower actually starts from December 27 2022 to January 13 2023. … Read more

What are the major astronomical phenomena that will decorate the night sky in 2023?

Send SNS articles Send article to Facebook Send article to Twitter Send articles to Naver Band Send articles to Naver Blog Send articles to Pinterest Copy URL Send article to Find another share Quadrantid meteor shower (January 4, 2017) Source = Photographed by Jeon Young-beom, senior researcher at the Korea Astronomical Research Institute What astronomical … Read more

Solar and lunar eclipses can be seen in Indonesia in 2023

JAKARTA – In 2023, there will be at least four eclipses that will color the Earth’s sky. Be it a solar or lunar eclipse. However, of the four eclipses, only three of them can be witnessed in the Indonesian sky. The three eclipses are a Hybrid Solar Eclipse on April 20, a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse … Read more

What is a Solar Eclipse? This is an Explanation of a Rare Phenomenon

Either one nature phenomenon the long-awaited and rare is the solar eclipse. It is known that this eclipse occurs when the sun, moon and earth are in parallel orbits. So the moon will block the light emitted by the sun. Solar eclipse, specifically a total solar eclipse, occurs only once every few years. Therefore, many … Read more

4 eclipse phenomena that occur during 2022, there is a total lunar eclipse – Selama tahun 2022 terjadi banyak fenomena langit salah satunya yakni gerhana. Tercatat setidaknya ada empat kali gerhana baik matahari maupun bulan yang terjadi sepanjang 2022. Gerhana sendiri merupakan fenomena langit langka dimana cahaya matahari yang menuju Bumi terhalang oleh Bulan (Gerhana Matahari). Atau cahaya matahari yang menuju bulan terhalang oleh Bumi sehingga Bulan … Read more

Knowing the Types of Eclipses and Their Explanations

Jakarta – Eclipse occurs when a celestial body such as the moon or planet moves into the shadow of another celestial body. There are two main types of eclipses, namely lunar eclipses and solar eclipses. Lunar eclipses and solar eclipses are still divided into several types. Check out the explanation! Lunar eclipse The moon moves … Read more

Take a look at Mars near Earth At the same time in the event “Chom Dao, receive the cold wind” starting on November 5

Suparerk Karihanon, Director of the Academic and Communication Center for Astronomy Sor. said since the monthNovember–March is the right time forstargazingespecially in the areathe North due to entering the rangewinter the sky has good visibility no rain clouds So it’s time to open the stargazing season every Saturday night again. at Sirindhorn Astronomical Park, Mae … Read more

«Islamic Dubai»: The eclipse is a phenomenon from which we can learn lessons and reflect

The Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai reported that the partial eclipse of the sun, which occurred at 2:42 in the afternoon and ended at 4:55 in the afternoon, reached its climax at 3:51 minutes, and the eclipse covered 37% of the body of the sun. The important cosmic event was followed … Read more

PHOTO ⟩ A partial solar eclipse was observed in Latvia

On the other hand, a total eclipse of the Sun in any particular geographical location is a rare phenomenon. The last time a total solar eclipse was observed in Latvia was in 1954, but the next one will be observed only in 2142. Meanwhile, the so-called annular solar eclipse will be observed in Latvia on … Read more