Czechs jumped on solar panels and heat pumps

“The number of heat pump installations increased by 150 percent year-on-year from January to August. Most of them took place in June and July. Considering the number of closed orders, we expect that the record number of pump installations will continue not only until the end of this year,” Woltair director Jan Hanuš told Práv. … Read more

Solar panels will be everywhere. But forget the ugly black

In the 5th volume series, which is filmed for Seznam Zprávy by the well-known green energy promoter Jan Staněk, this time we will leave our family homes and look at the largest European fair for photovoltaic technologies, InterSolar, in Munich. In addition to the photovoltaic panels of the future, Jan Staněk and Jan Krčmář from … Read more

This is how Ecopetrol advances towards a future of low emissions

Its strategy to 2040, “Energy that Transforms”, responds to the main challenges that humanity faces today in environmental matters through its Sustainability® axis, which is committed to decarbonization, electrification and sustainability using innovation and technology as catalysts. The promise of achieving zero net emissions by 2050, the start-up of more than 10 solar parks in … Read more

Scientists can make jet fuel and diesel from the sun, CO2 and water

The video report at the beginning of this article shows the first device in the world that can produce hydrocarbon fuels such as aviation kerosene, i.e. kerosene, but also diesel from only the sun, carbon dioxide and water. The so-called multifunctional solar tower is the result of an international collaboration of scientists from Europe, mainly … Read more

Solar panels not only on the roof: Price, subsidies, efficiency and durability

How do solar panels work? Solar or more precisely photovoltaic panels produce electricity from sunlight. For this, they use the photovoltaic phenomenon, in which a semiconductor material creates a direct current due to the impact of the sun’s rays. This is converted by an inverter into alternating current that can be used in ordinary electrical … Read more

Will we ever produce electricity from space?

The goal is to build a huge commercial solar power plant capable of generating two gigawatts of electricity by 2050. NicoElNino / DECRYPTION – China is continuing research to develop solar power plants in orbit, in order to optimize the operation of photovoltaic panels. According to information published at the end of June in … Read more

Good news: New malaria vaccine promises to slash death toll

Another week, another five news to rejoice and start the week on the right foot. If you like them and find value in them, share them with your friends. A math teacher in India has single-handedly built a solar-powered car. Giant tortoises could give us clues on how to smooth the aging process. A binational … Read more

New solar panels will hit the market. More powerful, cheaper and smaller

The price of photovoltaic panels is around 4,000 crowns per square meter, including the cost of installation and supporting electronics. It produces about 180 kWh a year. However, the consumption of a small to medium-sized house is almost twenty times higher, and only in terms of lighting and power supply for common appliances. With heating, … Read more

Lebanon .. Engineers invent a car powered by solar energy

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" The car began roaming the streets of the university as a first step, where the visitors’ gaze falls on a small vehicle with cells on the roof SolarIt runs quietly and silently and does not disturb the movement of students or pollute the air, and university security men use it … Read more