The geomagnetic storm is already here. A stream of solar particles crashed into the Earth at a speed of 600 km / s

As a result of a solar flare on Earth, the appearance of a G2 class geomagnetic storm was recorded. Back on Sunday, August 7, scientists warned that a huge spot appeared on the Sun, which could provoke a powerful flare and coronal mass ejections. These are streams of charged particles that, upon reaching our planet, … Read more

NASA observatory captures an amazing solar eclipse from space

NASA has some really amazing tools in hand for observing the sun, and one of them spotted the moon passing in front of the sun in a gorgeous partial eclipse seen from space. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory monitors the sun twenty-four hours a day. At least he watched the sun in this way last week, … Read more

The sun is spewing more and more plasma towards the earth

Our sun has been particularly active lately. This now leaves traces on its surface – in the form of a gigantic canyon of fire that astronomers have now discovered. Our sun is currently particularly active – and this is now clearly noticeable on its surface. New images from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory show a magnetic … Read more

The “Solar Orbiter” space probe reaches the point closest to the sun

Published on 03/27/2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes Solar flare captured by the Solar Orbiter probe. Source: Solar Orbiter/EUI Team/ESA & NASA/dpa Never before has a spacecraft come so close to the sun. Scientists are hoping for new data about the sun and its magnetic field from the “Solar Orbiter”. Dhe space probe “Solar Orbiter” … Read more

Two new solar flares will impact the Earth this weekend

Two new solar flares have launched waves of radiation and solar wind into space that are expected to cause moderate geomagnetic storms and auroras on our planet this weekend. A sunspot named AR2929 has emitted two solar flares, accompanied by coronal mass ejections, has informed on twitter the SOHO Mission, an international collaboration between ESA … Read more

A Sun-like star spewed a very strong eruption. Scientists have concerns about the Earth

The star, which is very close to the Sun in temperature, has launched a very strong eruption into space. Scientists are worried about the impact this will have on planet Earth. According to them, the consequences should appear by the end of this century. The star is very similar to the Sun in its mass … Read more

Spooky! The Biggest Explosion of the Sun’s Flare to Earth

Jakarta – The United States Space Agency (NASA) recorded the seconds sun flare biggest erupted from Sun on Thursday (28/10). The impact of the greatest flare that threatens to Earth. Video captured by Solar Dynamics Orbiter belongs to NASA, as quoted from Space, shows a close-up view of the solar flare that erupted between Monday … Read more