2 Planets in the Solar System That Don’t Have a Moon, Which One?

KOMPAS.com – Planet-planet di solar system almost all of them have a “moon” or natural satellite. A natural satellite is a celestial body in space that orbits around a larger object. Natural satellites are also referred to as “moons”. So that what is called the Moon is not only the Moon orbiting the Earth. The … Read more

A total lunar eclipse seen from space… “The Moon Plays Hide and Seek on Solar Panels” [우주로 간다]

A total lunar eclipse, in which the Earth’s shadow covers the moon, was observed in the United States and South America from the night of the 15th (local time) to the dawn of the 16th. An astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS) took a picture of this total lunar eclipse and released it, IT … Read more

The Engure fish factory now uses solar energy

According to forecasts, a total of 630 panels will produce at least 226,300 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year – almost 20% of the company’s total consumption. The project was implemented in cooperation with the group of energy companies “AJ Power”, “Swedbank” and the Rural Support Service. “We are a responsible entrepreneur and we care about … Read more

Intention to pray for solar and lunar eclipses and their meanings and procedures

MALANG TERKINI – Intentions and procedures eclipse prayer Sun and Moon will be discussed in detail in this article. When there is a lunar eclipse or SunMuslims are sunnahed to pray 2 rakaat, How intention and how? Read this article to the end in order to be able to perform the sunnah prayer of the … Read more

The Hottest and Coldest Planets in the Solar System

KOMPAS.com – The air temperature has recently been felt to rise. The cause is thought to be caused by the change of seasons. In this solar system or what is known as the Milky Way galaxy, there are 8 planets. The average temperature of the planets varies. Which planet has the hottest and coldest temperatures … Read more

Lebanon .. Engineers invent a car powered by solar energy

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" The car began roaming the streets of the university as a first step, where the visitors’ gaze falls on a small vehicle with cells on the roof SolarIt runs quietly and silently and does not disturb the movement of students or pollute the air, and university security men use it … Read more

For Zero Emissions, UK Builds Solar Power Plant in Space

Solar panels installed in space will capture nearly 13 times more REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Britain is seriously working on solar power generator from outer space. The country hopes to conduct a demonstration in orbit by 2035. Energy Initiative Outer space The UK has brought together more than 50 UK technology organisations, including heavyweights such as … Read more

NASA shares impressive photo of bright solar flare | Science

A solar flare is an explosion on the surface of the sun. Such an explosion occurs when the energy is suddenly released that is held in the magnetic fields of the star. On Tuesday, the sunspot called AR3006 exploded. The explosion was classified by NASA in the X class, or the heaviest category. Such solar … Read more

A “mixed” sunspot has just triggered a huge solar flare

According to SpaceWeather.com, scientists are monitoring a sunspot that triggered a Category X flare during an “identity crisis.” Magnified auroras could be observed when a coronal mass ejection of charged particles was ejected from ‘mixed’ sunspot AR3006, whose luminous burst was aimed at it Land Tuesday (May 10) at 9:55 am EDT (1355 GMT). The … Read more

Next Year’s Total Solar Eclipse is a Special Moment for Bosscha Observatory ITB

PHENOMENON The rare form of a total solar eclipse will take place next year, April 20, 2023 to be exact. Although it is still one year away, this astronomical phenomenon is enthusiastically welcomed, especially by scientists. Likewise with researchers at the Bosscha Observatory ITB, Lembang, West Bandung Regency. The reason is that 2023 coincides with … Read more