Chinese space observatory sends first solar image

NANJING, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) — China’s solar exploration satellite has returned its first solar image after being launched into space in October, according to the Purple Mountain Observatory (PMO), located in Jiangsu province, eastern China. The Advanced Space-Based Solar Observatory (ASO-S), nicknamed Kuafu-1 in Chinese, sent back a hard X-ray image of the solar flares … Read more

Perseverance observes a solar eclipse Al Rai newspaper

date of publication : Wednesday 02:26 2022-11-23 view – monitor NASA’s Perseverance spacecraft captured a solar eclipse, when the red planet’s moon, Phobos, intersected with the sun, obscuring part of the solar disk, according to CNET. Space amateurs spotted the eclipse in preliminary images taken by the rover on November 18. Planetary scientist Paul Byrne … Read more

5 Theories of the Formation of the Solar System, from the Fog to the Big Bang

Jakarta – The theory of the formation of the solar system describes how the sun, planets, and satellites can form and can work in an orderly system. The process of the formation of the solar system is still a mystery. Because it cannot be observed or tested through experiments. Many theories and hypotheses have been … Read more

Hybrid Solar Eclipse, a Rare Phenomenon in Indonesia

A hybrid solar eclipse is a space phenomenon. This solar eclipse phenomenon called Hybrid will occur in 2023. As a celestial phenomenon, of course, many are enthusiastically waiting for it. An eclipse is a fairly common phenomenon. A solar eclipse is one that can happen on Earth. There are several types of solar eclipses, one … Read more

Breakthrough with transparent solar panels: will massive use of windows that generate electricity follow?

door Lauren Bouckaertpublished on Sunday, November 20, 2022 about 12:16• 4 read less A team of scientists from Switzerland has broken the efficiency record of transparent solar panels. Thanks to a new design, the Swiss have increased the energy-converting efficiency of certain solar cells to more than 15 percent in direct sunlight, and 30 percent … Read more

This could be a big bang: the solar cell that produces hydrogen is coming

Researchers at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium have developed a hydrogen panel that uses sunlight to convert water vapor in the air into hydrogen. According to their claim, the panel can produce 250 liters of hydrogen per day, with an efficiency of 15%. The development is carried out in the framework of the … Read more

Net metering scheme for solar panel owners will disappear: what does this mean?

The net metering scheme for solar panel owners is entering its final years. And that is also important news for those who do not have solar panels. We explain what the net metering arrangement entails and what will change. What is the netting arrangement? The net metering scheme applies to you if you generate solar … Read more

Fact Check. Government paid 9400 euros for lunch at Solar dos Presuntos on Saramago’s centenary day? – Observer

A photograph of a receipt circulates on social networks, allegedly from the restaurant Solar dos Presuntos, in Lisbon, with the date of November 16 and a consumption of 9400.60 euros, being associated with the lunch held at that establishment on the centenary day of the writer José Saramago and which was attended by the Prime … Read more

NASA hopes to uncover stuck solar panel on Jovian probe Lucy

NASA specialists continued attempts to fully deploy the jammed solar panel of the Lucy probe (“Lucy”), which is heading to meet with asteroids in the orbit of Jupiter. Launched about a year ago, the probe failed to fully deploy one of the two round solar panels. Since then, NASA engineers are already in flight trying … Read more