Solar storm reaches Earth, the biggest in the last 6 years: what effects does it have? | Science

A solar storm can be caused by a coronal mass ejection (CME) or a fast stream of solar wind. Image: referential / Adobe Stock This March 24, 2023, the most powerful solar storm in almost six years has been detected, so noticeable effects are expected in orbit and possibly on the Earth’s surface. The magnitude … Read more

Don’t be surprised, this is the ruler of the world’s solar panels

Firda Dwi MuliawatiCNBC Indonesia News Friday, 24/03/2023 20:00 WIB Photo: Solar Power Plant (PLTS). (CNBC Indonesia/ Andrean Krtistianto) Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Kemenko Marves) revealed that currently China is still the largest solar panel producer in the world. Deputy for Coordination of Infrastructure and Transportation of the … Read more

“Nuclear is not quite equal to solar.” The EU summit also discussed greater raw material independence

The European Union should facilitate the permitting of environmentally clean and digital projects and invest in reducing its dependence on resources from China and other non-European countries. At the end of the first day of the summit, the presidents and prime ministers of the EU states agreed on this in a debate on strengthening the … Read more

Satellite Not Detected, The Strongest Solar Storm Hits Earth

The most powerful solar storm hit Earth on March 24, 2023 and surprised scientists because it was not detected by space weather forecasting satellites. Photo/NOAA/Space COLORADO – Sun storm hit the hardest Earth on March 24, 2023 and surprised scientists because it was not detected by space weather forecasting satellites. The strongest solar storm in … Read more

7 Unique Facts about the Sun, the Brightest Star in the Solar System

RADARDEPOK.COM-The sun, the brightest star and the center of our solar system, has many interesting facts that many people may not know. As one of the most important natural phenomena for life on Earth, the Sun provides many benefits and also holds some interesting secrets. In this article, we will discuss 7 unique facts about … Read more

Legambiente dossier, on solar panels and wind farms Italy is not a renewable country – Il Tempo

Alessio Buzzelli March 24, 2023 It is a known fact that Italy is rather behind as regards the development of the so-called “renewable sources”. Less known, however, are the causes that underlie this delay, a delay that is leaving our country further and further behind on the road to that energy transition which – like … Read more

A Solar Tornado 14 Earth Times High Throws Plasma Clouds Into Space

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory watches as a tornado appears over the sun’s north pole. Image: NASA/SDO/composite by Steve Spaleta SPACE — NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory took this image of a major event identified as the ‘highest tornado’ in the solar system. Early plasma swirled across the sun’s north pole during the event. Twisting filaments of … Read more

Blocked processes and distant objectives: the obstacle course of clean energy. “In 2022 the Regions authorized only 1% of solar plants”

While in Italy the energy production from coalin 2022 only 1% of the projects of photovoltaic systems received permission. It’s about the data lower of the latter four years: in 2019 to receive the authorization were the 41% of the instances, to then progressively drop to 19% in 2020 and al 9% in 2021. Even … Read more