2020 Climate Rebellion joins the Glasgow Agreement

The signatory organizations agree to use tactics, such as civil disobedience, in order to close down those highly emitting infrastructures in each country, given the verification of the impotence and failure of governments. 2020 Climate Rebellion, of which Friends of the Earth is a part, today signs the Glasgow Agreement-Peoples’ Climate Commitment, an initiative of … Read more

Fernando del Solar delves into the crazy life of famous people

One of the first places that Fernando del Solar visited when he arrived in Mexico was a clandestine bar, since then he knew that it was a country where anything could happen; that essence is what inspired him to create his new program. The actor of Argentine origin arrived when he was 23 years old. … Read more

The extension of the Cauchari solar park would be signed in April when Alberto Fernández travels to China • EconoJournal

The expansion of the Jujuy solar park could be closed in China next April. The project plans to add 200 MW to the 300 MW that Cauchari already has. The decree that enables adding more renewable generation without tenders. Expansion of the solar park Cauchari, located in the Jujuy puna, It could be completed in … Read more

GreenYellow, a new player in large-scale solar energy in the country | Companies | Business

GreenYellow inaugurated its first solar farm in the country, becoming a new player in large-scale solar generation in Colombia. (Read: ‘In 2021 we will build 600 megawatts in solar plants’) The “Pétalo de Córdoba I” plant, located in the town of Aguas Blancas, has an installed capacity of 12 MWac capable of generating 17,333 MWh … Read more

This unique and unrepeatable Rolls-Royce Wraith is inspired by the solar system

One of the most lucrative businesses for Rolls-Royce is also the source of the most spectacular vehicles of the English brand; It is about the unique and personalized editions of their models. Any Rolls-Royce customer with the financial muscle can order their favorite model customized to their liking, and these customers often have very special … Read more

Global Solar Power Banks Market Outlook 2020-2025: Categorized By Types – Single USB, Dual USB

The Latest Industry Analysis Report On The Market Global Solar Power Banks Market 2020 by competitors, geographies, varieties, application, and prediction to 2025, representing a comprehensive study on Solar Power Banks market share, size, growth drivers, and key players. The report includes summary information on regional competition, industry trends and players, changes and threats, vendors, … Read more

Vaccines against the Coronavirus: the solar laboratories …

Vaccines take years to make. Sometimes decades. The trials are carried out on thousands of volunteers (of different characteristics, clinical trajectories and ages) to make up a varied sample. The maximum objective is that the technology achieved can be effective and safe. In the current scenario, the pharmaceutical companies together with the laboratories of the … Read more

The Sun has started a new solar cycle, experts say

(CNN) — Every 11 years, the Sun completes a solar cycle of calm and stormy activity and begins a new one. Understanding the solar cycle is important because space weather caused by the Sun (flares such as solar flares and coronal mass ejection events) can affect the power grid, satellites, GPS, airlines, rockets, and astronauts … Read more

Land Cruiser and Suzuki Swift are caught in subsidized fuel in Aceh, use stickers to remove them

YouTube.com/Serambi TV A Land Cruiser was caught in the contents of subsidized fuel Otomotifnet.com – a viral Land Cruiser and Suzuki Swift caught on camera filling up subsidized fuel on one of them Gas station in Aceh. The secretly recorded video also circulates on WhatsApp groups and is believed to be located in Banda Aceh. … Read more

The solar system may have had a second sun that helped catch planet nine

By Leah Crane Has the solar system ever had two suns?MARK GARLICK / SCIENTIFIC PHOTO LIBRARY Billions of years ago, there were perhaps two suns in our solar system. If so, it could explain how the solar system captured its outermost objects, including the hypothetical Planet Nine. Our solar system is much larger than the … Read more