The Tunisian president appoints a soldier as minister of agriculture, as part of a partial amendment

TUNIS (Reuters) – Tunisian President Kais Saied on Monday appointed a military man as minister of agriculture in the government, as part of a partial reshuffle that included the ministries of agriculture and education. The presidency said in a statement that the president appointed, within the amendment, Muhammad Ali Al-Boughdiri, a former trade unionist, as … Read more

“New Oolong Courtyard” Hao Shaowen brought Lu Ji’s makeup artist wife back to Taiwan to register and Zhu Yanping was pleased to praise “Happy Family” | Entertainment | CTWANT

Actor Hao Shaowen made his debut as a child star in the past. He participated in the movies “New Oolong Courtyard”, “Soldiers of Dogs”, and “The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years”. “, have achieved good results. He married Lin Ningrui, a makeup artist from Lu, in May last year. Recently, he took his … Read more

Brazilian Military Commander General Arruda Fired After Storming the Presidential Palace

Monday, 23 January 2023 – 00:00 WIB VIVA World – President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva fired commander military Brazil on Saturday, January 21, 2023, just days after the far-left leader publicly threatened to purge his military of action rebellion and the storming of the Brazilian Presidential Palace on 8 January 2023 by supporters of … Read more

A soldier goes to Poland to save his son. Dramatic fight against time – o2

Little Franio from Przemyśl would have a chance to receive the medicine if only he had been correctly diagnosed earlier. Unfortunately, the correct diagnosis was made when it was too late – only children under 2 years of age are eligible for reimbursement. A few months ago, the boy and his parents began an unequal … Read more

Russian artillerymen are training in Belarus, they are gloomy and often sick

In recent months, mobilized Russians have been undergoing military training at the polygon. Some were brought from far away, even from the regions beyond the Urals. A post by forty-two-year-old Oleg Tomingas, a volunteer from Isilkul from the Omsk region in Siberia, appeared on social networks, saying that he was on his way to Osipovichi … Read more

Russians kill soldier who fled military base to avoid fighting in Ukraine

A Russian soldier who fled from a military base was killed by Russian armed forces, the country’s authorities announced this Wednesday, according to AFP. “Dmitry Perov, who was wanted for voluntarily leaving a military unit without authorization, has been found and eliminated,” the Lipetsk region government in western Russia said in a statement on the … Read more

A soldier who escaped from a unit was killed during detention in the Lipetsk region

Private Dmitry Perov, who escaped from the military unit with a weapon, was killed during the arrest. About it informed press service of the government of the Lipetsk region. Telegram channels Mash and Astra they write that the serviceman resisted and was shot dead by special forces. It is noted that the police officers could … Read more

MMA | An MMA fighter transforms into a soldier. With what is happening in the world, there was no longer anything to wait for, he explains

Although he lost in the cage in the last two duels, he cannot complain about his successes in his personal life. For example, he managed to get a fishing license, firearms license and hunting tests. Now Dvořák decided to go towards the fulfillment of another dream that he had been toying with in his head … Read more